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Central American Coffee Prices Likely To Rise

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Central American Coffee Bean Shortages Due To FungusCentral American coffee growers are rushing to contain the spread of a coffee-eating fungus that has taken root in the region as events associated with global climate change have made the region an ideal home to the fungus. The hemilea vastatrix fungus thrives in the hot temperatures and drought conditions that the Central America experienced throughout 2012 and into the 2013 coffee harvest.

The fungus is known as “leaf rust” due to its tendency to dry up coffee leaves, causing them to discolor a rusty orange. The fungus is estimated to have impacted as much as 35% of the sown crops throughout Central America and may cause a loss of $300 million in crops. Governments from Costa Rica to Guatemala are rushing to contain and combat the invader.

What the leaf rust fungus means to coffee consumers the world over is a scarcity of Central American coffee and a general rise likely in coffee prices as this region struggles to meet world coffee demand.

Regions Affected and Central American Coffee Beans To Stock Up On

Price changes in agricultural goods like coffee beans tend to lag behind real-world events, so price fluctuations have not quite reached the market. This makes now a good time to stock up on coffee from regions that are likely to experience scarcity due to the leaf rust fungus. Stock up now and save money one coffee that is likely to be more expensive from the following regions:

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El Salvadoran Coffee

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