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Choosing a Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker

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Keurig K-Cup Coffee Makers for EveryoneK-Cup coffee makers are very popular. Purchasing one, though, can be stressful. They vary greatly in price, yet all use and brew the same coffee. You might be wondering what differentiates one Keurig K-Cup coffee maker from another or what makes a Keurig different from other single cup coffee makers.

Keurig K-Cup coffee makers are unique in the single cup coffee maker world because they have the most extensive selection of coffee refills available. These single serving coffee refills are called K-Cups, and more coffee roasters and coffee brands are available in K-Cups than any other single cup coffee refill on the market.

The Keurig model of single serving coffee maker has a proven record now, having illustrated a history of reliability, functionality, and quality that has rarely been met and never been bested.  This means that Keurig machines are a good bet for those who want to get their money’s worth out of their new coffee machine.

With the promise of variety and reliability, Keurig has truly earned its position as top amongst single cup coffee makers. Check out the following models of Keurig K-Cup coffee maker available at CoffeeForLess.

Top Five Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers

Keurig B155 K-Cup Brewer

The Keurig B155 K-Cup Coffee Maker is our recommended office model Keurig model. It features the easiest interface and highest brewing capacity of any model. The ability to change cup sizes allows for maximum control of coffee strength.

Keurig Platinum B70 K-Cup Coffee Brewer

The Keurig Platinum B70 features one-touch brewing controls and variable brewing sizes. The 60 ounce reservoir is ideal for households, allowing for the brewing of between 10 and 12 cups of coffee easily before refilling the reservoir. This is truly the top of the line model for homes.

Keurig Special Edition B60 K-Cup Brewer

The Keurig B60 K-Cup Coffee Maker is similar to the B70 but has a smaller reservoir, holding instead 48 ounces of water. It is a great model for small offices or households that are less intensive in their daily coffee brewing. It has fewer cup sizes as well, but it is as reliable for a household or small office as the B70.

Keurig Elite B40 K-Cup Brewer

The Keurig Elite B40 K-Cup Brewer is the trimmed down cousin of the B60, featuring the same reservoir size and only two brewing sizes. The B40 is affordable and tough, capable of functioning in such austere environments as student dorms. It has the capacity to brew as well as any other Keurig machine with an equally trimmed down cost.

Keurig Mini Plus B31 K-Cup Brewer

The Keurig Mini Plus B31 K-Cup Coffee Maker is a true deal! It features three brewing size and a single use reservoir, meaning that it needs to be refilled with every use. It’s very affordable and truly capable, but the price puts it into the range of everyone. It truly is the Model-T of Keurig coffee makers: affordable, capable, and great for anyone.

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