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Enjoying Great Coffee in the Great Outdoors
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Enjoying Great Coffee in the Great Outdoors

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Coffee and Camping: 10 Novel Ways to Make Great Coffee in Nature

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of Joe first thing in the morning, but for outdoor lovers, brewing hot coffee can sometimes be a challenge while spending time in nature. Whether you’re enjoying a family campout with plenty of camping gear, or trekking a solo hike with nothing more than the contents of your backpack, you don’t have to go a day without a good cup of coffee.

Before you plan your next camping trip for the summer, make sure you read this article first. Here are 10 ways to make coffee in nature by using everything from specialty gadgets and gizmos to the extra pair of socks you packed with your camping gear.

1. Camping Drip Coffee Maker

Like home drip machines, this camping amenity includes a removable carafe, water reservoir, and filter. The only difference is that instead of using electricity to brew, the coffee maker is placed on top of a camping stove. Now that’s luxury! 

2. Old Fashioned Percolator

A percolator is a pot with a small chamber at the bottom, close to the heat source. At the top of the percolator is another chamber and a tube that connects it to the bottom. Another great method for camp stove brewing!

3. Moka Pot Coffee

Similar to a percolator, Moka pots have separate chambers for the grounds and water, but they work in two very different ways. A Moka pot uses its unique shape (traditionally octagonal) to create a pressurizing effect when boiled. Luxury campers prefer a Moka pot to a percolator as it makes a stronger cup that some coffee purists might compare to espresso. Pour immediately into a mug and enjoy that sunrise in nature!

4. French Press

A French press is a staple in many folks’ morning ritual at home, but it’s also handy to have for use in the great outdoors. Simply press the plunger all the way down to filter the grounds, and you’ve got yourself a nice steaming cup of morning Joe.

5. Instant Coffee

Camping is all about roughing it, and sometimes that means choosing convenience over quality. This is where instant coffee comes in. It might not taste as great as other brewing methods, but it’ll certainly get the job done.  

6. Cone Brewer

If the excess weight of a hiking backpack is a concern, a single cup filter is a lightweight solution that won't sacrifice gourmet taste. The downside to this method is you need to remember to pack both the filter and brewing device. 

7. Aeropress 

Affordable and capable of brewing some seriously tasty brew, the Aeropress looks a bit like a giant syringe and allows you to easily brew ground coffee in the great outdoors. This one is great way to get that coffee shop-taste at home or in nature.

8. Simple Three-Step Cowboy Coffee

When camping, minimalism is key and a coffee maker isn’t a necessity for a great cup of coffee. For this method, you only need four things: a pot, coffee grounds, water and fire. The occasional clump of coffee ground might make its way into your mug, but that’s just more flavor, right?

9. Sock Coffee

If you’re desperate and can’t stand having the occasional floating bit of grounds in your coffee, this method is for you. Simply use a clean cotton sock (or a CoffeeSock) as a giant “teabag” for your coffee!

10. Cold Brew Travel Bottle 

For the ultimate no-fuss solution that results in a refreshing, smooth cup of coffee every time, try cold brew! This cold brew travel bottle is perfect for taking on hikes or camping trips, and will surely become a favorite at the office as well.

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  • The 10 methods for brewing coffee during camping are excellent , however you left out the drip coffee on filter hanging ears , will need a cup to hang the single serve drip coffee and a stove to heat water if there is no electricity .

    mathew mugo

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