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No Matter What Your Favorite Brew, There’s Probably a Coffee App For It
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No Matter What Your Favorite Brew, There’s Probably a Coffee App For It

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coffee-app-for-everyone Coffee drinkers of the world, you may not feel like you need to get deeper into coffee culture than you already are. But if you’re like most of us, then just drinking coffee isn’t good enough. You want to obsess. Well now you can rejoice! There are dozens of ways to obsess over coffee from the comfort of your own smart phone or tablet, no matter where you may physically be. We present a few of the coffee apps available to you today.


While not free – it’s $1.99 – coffee guru is a bargain when you consider how much information this coffee app contains. If you’re looking for artisanal coffee (read, non-chain coffee), then this is the app for you. With listings of more than seven thousand independent coffee shops in Canada, the UK, and the United States, this app is a must have for serious coffee drinkers traveling away from their zone of coffee comfort. CoffeeGuru also includes a flavor describing wheel and information about house roasts, fair trade and direct trade programs from coffee shop to coffee shop. 4369591793_799909d0bb_o

Art of Coffee

At a hefty $2.99, this coffee app might seem a bit expensive. But, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how professional baristas do the job of making your coffee, look no further. The Art of Coffee shows you how to make all your favorite coffee house beverages, and how to make more than thirty designs in the foam on the top of a latte or cappuccino.


At ninety-nine cents, this app is easily the best bargain on the list. CoffeeTalk will teach you and your friends the language of coffee, from affogato to Valencia and everything in between. If you’re ever listened to real coffee nerds go on and on about coffee and wanted a dictionary to help you decipher what they were saying, then this is the app for you. desk-laptop-working-technology

An App for Everyone

While this brief list is far from complete – seriously, just do a quick search on an app store or the Internet and see how many results you get – it does represent a handful of the best coffee-oriented apps out there for smart phones and tablets. Whether you’re a seasoned professional coffee drinker who knows the ins and outs of how to find a great cup in any city in the world or not, you’re sure to find a coffee app that will help you enjoy your favorite beverage even more.

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