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Coffee For Less vs. The Monster Marketplace
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Coffee For Less vs. The Monster Marketplace

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If you’re reading this article, then chances are pretty good that on any given day, you drink a lot of coffee. If that sounds like you, then you already know that being able to order coffee pods online can be extremely convenient, especially if you’re busy.

Setting up recurring online orders means that you never have to worry about running out of coffee, which is great for families, office managers, and just about any situation where regular access to coffee is an absolute must.

The question is, where is the best place to order that coffee, when your standards are high and you want fresh beans, pods, or grounds? Should you choose an online coffee specialty supplier like Coffee For Less, or a giant marketplace site that sells everything under the sun, without much quality control and not a whole lot of reliable information on where products are coming from? Read on for more insight into this question, and how to make the best choice for your coffee habit.

Why Customers Should Choose Coffee For Less vs. The Monster Marketplace

There’s no question that using a big monster site is very convenient – that’s part of the reason why they’ve risen to such overwhelming status. This is also the reason why that same monster marketplace site’s owner makes billions of dollars. But there are some very good reasons to consider choosing a coffee specialist like Coffee For Less instead.

When You Go Into a Marketplace, Do You Know What You Are Buying?

It’s not an uncommon scenario. You order your favorite coffee pods from the marketplace site, maybe at a better price than you had even expected. When your coffee pods arrive, you discover that some of the cups are covered in mold. What do you do? Try to salvage the rest? Fight for a refund? It’s a situation no coffee lover should have to find themselves in.

The reality is that when it comes to these big marketplace sites, there is very little quality control. Basically, anyone can sell product on these marketplace sites, and maybe more importantly, there is typically minimal oversight. A marketplace site may commonly just let any seller behave as they see fit, until they collapse under the weight of consumer complaints.

That’s certainly never been the case at Coffee For Less. Coffee For Less is a licensed K-Cup® Coffee partner, which means that we are only selling genuine, quality K-cups that are newly manufactured and going straight to the consumer – you! 

When You Go Into a Marketplace, How Fresh Is the Product?

When you order from Coffee For Less, you’ll always get fresh product, no matter what you’re buying and how often. But with a monster marketplace site, who really knows? With no accountability in place, marketplace sellers are motivated to cut corners. They may buy liquidation product in bulk for pennies on the dollar, in order to earn huge margins when they sell those items to you. In many cases, these are coffee pods that are about to be thrown out and may have two to four weeks left on the expiration date.

These pods may even already be expired, and may have been sitting on the stock shelves for weeks or years without any temperature or humidity control to preserve them, and with the expiration dates changed or removed to hide the truth. Knowing all this behind-the-scenes information begs the question, Is getting sub-standard coffee really worth saving a few bucks?

Coffee For Less Has a Great Collection of Sourced Coffee

If you’re looking for pure coffee that you can trust every time you make a purchase, you are much better off going with Coffee For Less for all your coffee needs. After all, they are a strategic Green Mountain partner that buys directly from the source – with no middleman – and then we pass that great, quality coffee on to you.

Sign Up With Coffee For Less for Reliable, Quality Coffee Every Time

Coffee For Less offers a great selection of quality, sourced coffee at reasonable prices, with loyalty rewards and shipping discounts to help you save even more. Coffee For Less is a small, family-owned, licensed K-cup distributor that you can trust to deliver you all the coffee you need, with the highest quality standards in place. To learn more about Coffee For Less, visit

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  • I was wanting to know if you sell Maxwell House breakfast blend and throw medium blend k cups?

    Cheryl Stokes
  • This was a great blog post! Thank you very much for this as we never really gave much thought to where the coffee they sell comes from. I was just looking at a product that I used to buy and it appears they have over 20 anonymous people selling it. From now on I am going direct with you. Thanks CFL!

    Jonathan Petack

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