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Coffee Lyrics in Your Favorite Songs
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Coffee Lyrics in Your Favorite Songs

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What is it about coffee that makes people love it so? Is it the fact that coffee drinking is steeped in tradition? Possibly. Is it the flavor? Maybe, but there are other drinks that taste great and they’re not such a universal companion like coffee. We suspect that coffee is a go-to beverage around the world because it speaks of love: warm, comforting love.

Or, kick-in-the-butt kind of love that many of us need to get (or keep) us going on any given day. Just as coffee is a global symbol of feeling good, so is music. Love songs, expressive songs, contemplative songs, get fired up songs, you name it: they’re all equally inspiring. Many people will tell you that they’d be perfectly happy to be stranded somewhere with just a cup of coffee and a few great songs to listen to. When you think about it, this kind of scenario sounds like pure bliss.

Musicians Who Sing About Coffee in Their Lyrics

So here we are talking about coffee and music. The next place you’d likely let your brain go to, is about coffee lyrics in songs. And with that in mind, we came up with 10 different pieces of music where an artist uses coffee to help tell a story about life. Some are sweet and syrupy, and others are a jolt to your consciousness. Either way, they all tend to portray coffee as something that can be counted on to give us whatever it is that we need. Like love, though, only if we let it. Let’s take a look at coffee lyrics in songs:

1. Intergalactic – The Beastie Boys “When it comes to beats, well, I’m a fiend / I like my sugar with coffee and cream.”

2. You’re So Vain – Carly Simon “I had some dreams, they were clouds in my coffee / Clouds in my coffee, and…”

3. Coffee Song – Frank Sinatra “They’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil!”

4. Black Coffee in Bed – Squeeze “There’s a stain on my notebook where your coffee cup was…”

5. Black Coffee - Ella Fitzgerald “I’m feelin’ mighty lonesome, haven’t slept a wink / I walk the floor and watch the door, and in between I drink.”

6. Black Coffee – Heavy D & The Boyz “Black coffee, no sugar, no cream / That’s the type of girl I need down with my team.”

7. Coffee & T.V. – Blur “Give me coffee and TV / peacefully / I’ve seen so munch, I’m going blind / And I’m brain-dead virtually.”

8. Coffee Time – Natalie Cole “Coffee time / My dreamy friend, it's coffee time / Let's listen to some jazz and rhyme / And have a cup of coffee.”

9. Starfish and Coffee – Prince “If you asked her what she had for breakfast / This is what she'd say / Starfish and coffee / Maple syrup and jam / Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine / And a side order of ham.”

10. One Cup of Coffee – Bob Marley “One cup of coffee, then I'll go; / Though I just dropped by to let you know / That / I'm leaving you tomorrow; / I'll cause you no more sorrow: / One cup of coffee, then I'll go.”

Thinking About Coffee Lyrics and How Much You Love the Beverage

What role does coffee play in your life? Does it pick you up? Or does it soothe you when you’re down? Maybe it serves as a way to bring your family or friends together for some quality time. Think about it a little the next time you pick up your cup of java.

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  • “One More Cup of Coffee” by Dylan

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