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Coffee Science Discovers New Coffee BenefitsA recent study performed by CareerBuilder and Dunkin’ Donuts found the careers where one is most likely to drink coffee, and what they found is that scientists drink the most coffee! Have a look at their findings:



1.     Scientist/Lab Technician
2.     Marketing/Public Relations Professional
3.     Education Administrator
4.     Editor/Writer
5.     Healthcare Administrator
6.     Physician
7.     Food Preparer
8.     Professor
9.     Social Worker
10.   Financial Professional



Clearly, this explains why scientists spend so much time studying coffee. What they have found about coffee is what is more surprising. A few recent studies have uncovered shocking uses for coffee and more discoveries are made every day.

Coffee May Have Antidepressant Effects for Women

Coffee Has Antidepressant Effects On WomenA 10-year study has yielded surprising observations. Women who drink coffee tend to be happier than women who do not. Add this to the findings about coffee’s ability to reduce breast cancer risks and its ability to prevent strokes, coffee just might gain the title of health tonic one day.

So now we see that coffee seems to be a beverage of choice amongst smart people, that it makes a woman more likely to live a life without depression, and that we would rather not go a day without it. What else can this wonder brew do?

You just might be surprised.

Coffee Just Might Be The Next Green Fuel

Whole Bean Coffee Has Health BenefitsImagine the smell of the highway as hundreds of cars in the morning traffic drive powered entirely by coffee grounds. It would probably smell a lot better than a bunch of combusting gasoline, but until recently the idea of powering the our cars the way we power ourselves every morning seemed like the stuff of Back to the Future movies.

Engineers in England have created a car that runs on old coffee grounds and has broken the Guinness Book of Records speed record for cars that run off organic waste gases. This is fantastic. Imagine brewing your morning cup of sweet invigorating coffee and then dumping the filter in your gas tank to drive to work! They should try Jet Fuel coffee and see if that car takes off!

Every day, it seems, science is finding more and more great things about coffee. Be sure to brew yours fresh, even from whole beans, in order to get the most out of it.

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