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For Your Listening and Coffee Drinking Pleasure

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Can’t Get Enough Coffee? Brew a Cup and Listen to One of These Coffee Podcasts

What could be better than sitting and relaxing, sipping on a fresh cup of your favorite coffee? Ohhh… maybe sitting and relaxing, sipping on a fresh cup of your favorite brewed coffee while learning about coffee. With the world of podcasting exploding over the last few years, lovers of coffee can now learn all about their favorite beverage from the biggest experts on the subject.

With coffee-related podcasts, true aficionados can now learn about everything from coffee cultivation, coffee trade, coffee history, coffee roasting, coffee blending, coffee preparation, coffee drinks, coffee traditions, and pretty much everything coffee – all while sipping a fresh hot cup of your favorite brewed coffee.

At Coffee For Less, we’ve found the coffee podcast experts for you, and by clicking through the various links embedded below, you can pull them into your life to teach you about everything coffee wherever, whenever, and as often as you want. We now present to you, the best in coffee podcasts for your listening-while-drinking coffee pleasure.

On All Things Coffee

If you’re just getting into coffee culture and are interested in picking up a little more anecdotal knowledge about the history of coffee cultivation, coffee drinking traditions from around the world, and the latest in coffee trends right here in our own backyard, then you’re in luck.

Nowadays, there are several podcasts available, with many hosted by people just like you. Further, you’ll find several podcasts out there that are produced by professionals in the coffee business, focusing on the wide, wide world of coffee from a fan’s perspective. Some of our favorites include:

Coffee Lovers Radio

A talk show devoted to coffee, hosted by a coffee professional and a coffee journalist. Coffee Lovers Radio is meant to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Hosts Joseph Robertson and Jess Nelson cover what’s happening in the coffee world, how to make and enjoy the best coffee you’ll ever have, and the people who make the coffee world go around.

Coffee Lovers Podcast on Apple

Boise Coffee 

Straight out of the coffee capital of the Americas, Boise Coffee combines a love for history with a love for coffee in a direct storytelling format that goes down easy with a cup of your favorite brew. Host Colin Mansfield has covered everything from the role of coffee in the US Civil War to Dutch coffee culture and the role of the Dutch in the spread of coffee cultivation worldwide. 

I Brew My Own Coffee

Something for those of you who only want to focus on brewing techniques for the home coffee devotee, I Brew My Own Coffee is designed and delivered by hosts Bryan Schiele and Brian Beyke, to offer listeners quality content on all things home coffee to beginners and coffee veterans alike.

Something for the Professionals (and Dedicated Amateurs)

There are also several terrific podcasts produced and hosted by coffee professionals specifically for people in the coffee industry. Coffee Jobs Podcast, Tamper Tantrum, Keys to the Shop, the SCA Lectures series (produced by the Specialty Coffee Association), and many others can entertain the least coffee-savvy of us while still delivering valuable information to coffee professionals from the seasoned barista to the newbie coffee entrepreneur.

Fresh Brewed Podcasts, Just for Your Ears

Whether you’re new to specialty coffee or have been drinking cortados since way before it was cool, you’re sure to find something of interest and of value in these podcasts. If you’re an industry insider, no matter how much you already know, you can always find something new worth learning. So pop a pod in your Keurig and pop in your earbuds, because with podcasts like these out there, it’s definitely coffee time!

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