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Coffee Pods Are Not Evolution, Perhaps Revolution

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Occasionally I get questions about coffee pods and other single cup coffee. People ask me, why a k-cup, why a coffee pod, what’s wrong with good old fashioned ground coffee, and more. These are good questions, and the answer to them is simple: convenience. Those coffee styles offer you variety and ease that is just far less attainable from traditional whole bean or ground coffee. Those good questions are occasionally accompanied by another odd one about coffee pods or K-Cups: Is coffee evolving? This, friends, is an interesting though possibly nonsensical question.


In consulting a few experts, I’ve learned that coffee is indeed evolving, certainly wild coffee Arabica plants are evolving, and those that we’ve cultivated are evolving as well, mostly by our hand as we force the coffee plant to adapt to new soils, new biomes, and to our palates. This question, though, is more about our methods of consuming coffee.


Is, for instance, the coffee pod the result of the mating of a tea bag and some rogue coffee beans? Could the K-Cup be the result of inter-merchandise relations between the coffee we keep in the company of plastic vessels such as the common disposable creamer? Well, sort of. Coffee pods are not a crocoduck moment or anything, but ideas evolve in much the same way as species do. Consequently, technologies merge and what we get is less evolution and more like revolution because in reality it is all about ideas, not things.


Coffee Pods A Coffee Revolution?


The revolution in coffee consumption of late is the use of traditional quick brewing technologies in new and exciting ways. The fusion of the tea bag concept with the coffee filter concept yields the coffee pod. The prevalence of cheaper plastics and the advances in disposable filtration technology give us the Keurig K-Cup and the Tassimo T-Disc.

Advances like coffee pods or T-discs will never displace traditional coffee. Just as purists of any sort prefer the analog version of the more modern digital equivalents, some coffee fanatics will always prefer freshly ground, even home roasted coffee. Instead, these advances in coffee preparation are making great coffee available to us all with greater ease of access.

So next time you look at the coffee pod in your hand and have visions of teabags filled with coffee, realize that you are not off too far from reality there. The way you drink coffee, tea, and any other steeped or extracted beverage continues to change. CoffeeForLess keeps a finger on the pulse of these changes, bringing us ever more options in media like coffee pods, so come back for more on the (r)evolution of coffee consumption!

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