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Coffee Recipes: Coffee As An Ingredient

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Drinking coffee is clearly one of the joys of life. A hot mug of well-brewed fine coffee on cold day lifts the spirits as much as it warms the body. Cold coffee cools and invigorates, and cleansing the pallet after a gourmet meal with an espresso can be heaven. Coffee can be more than a beverage though; it can be an ingredient too!

As we the days wane into shorter daylight hours and the cool evenings of autumn approach, thoughts turn to delicious baked goods like cake and cookies, perfect accompaniments themselves to coffee. This time of year also brings all of the autumn seasonal coffees like Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups, and these coffees are perfect for spicing up baked goods with extra coffee flavor and spice.

Coffee Dessert Recipes Made With Actual Coffee

Coffee Flavored Muffins recipe

Some folks take coffee cake recipes quite literally. A number of cake recipes that use instant coffee, brewed coffee, or fresh espresso are available online. This coffee flavored cake uses instant coffee in its butter cream frosting as well. This savory cake  is flavored with both instant coffee and Kahlua liqueur. For a light and savory angel food coffee cake, try this recipe. It is simply decadent.

Other recipes that use coffee can be found online as well. These coffee muffins are excellent for breakfast that uses fresh brewed dark coffee as one of its ingredients. The addition of instant espresso to brownies gives them a more complex flavor and a little caffeine kick. For a unique take on an American traditional dessert, try this espresso-infused pumpkin pie recipe. It adds espresso boldness to pumpkin pie spice, almost as if somebody decided to make a dessert based on Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice K-Cups.

If cookies are more your speed, try these coffee nut cookies. They are delicious and excellent for dunking in coffee or hot chocolate. They use crushed espresso beans to add flavor and texture.

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