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Coffee Review: Aloha Island Kona Coffee Pods

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Aloha Island Kona Coffee Pods Use Kona Coffee BeansAloha Island Kona coffee pods are by far some of the most elegant coffee pod options available for your pod coffee maker. Aloha Island Kona Coffee prides itself on both its quality of Kona coffee beans but also the high standards to which it holds its roasting procedures. The end result is that Aloha Island Kona coffee pods clearly excel their peers in the coffee pod market.

Many think Kona coffee is always mellow and buttery smooth, but the truth of the matter is that Kona coffee beans can be roasted to any style, enabling Kona coffee roasters to bring flavors out of Kona coffee beans that are not typically those associated with Kona coffee. Aloha Island takes full advantage of this by offering a wide array of roast styles with their top quality Kona coffee beans.


The Best Aloha Island Kona Coffee Pods

Aloha Island Kona Estate Blend Coffee Pods contain Aloha Island Coffee’s Estate Blend Kona coffee. This elegant roasted Kona coffee is the coffee for Kona coffee fanatics who want quality Kona coffee flavor and smoothness from a coffee pod. Without fail, this Aloha Island Coffee is consistent and delicious with a titillating aroma.

Aloha Island Kona Coffee PodsPerhaps you prefer a more roasty brew with the dark notes that can only be found on the other side of a double cracked roast. No worries, Aloha Island Kona coffees has you covered. Aloha Island Coffee’s Lava Java Kona coffee pods contain dark roasted Kona coffee beans roasted full and strong. By starting with the smooth foundation of Kona coffee beans, Aloha Island produces a dark roast of such richness and character and smoked aroma that dark coffee drinkers are sure to fall in love in a single mug.

Some might argue that flavoring Kona coffee is a sort of sacrilege, Kona coffee beans being nearly a pinnacle of perfection with no adulteration whatsoever. Those people have not tried Aloha Island Coffee’s Chocolate Paradise Kona coffee pods. These flavored Kona coffee pods are like dessert after a full meal while on vacation, combining the smoothness of Kona coffee with rich chocolate for an instant mocha of decadent proportions.

Kona coffee pods from Aloha Island Coffee are available at CoffeeForLess. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

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