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Coffee Review: (UPDATED!) The Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups

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This article has been updated from its original version, titled Coffee Review: Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups

Donut Shop Coffee – An American Tradition

In a phrase, original donut shop coffee is an American tradition. Coffee has been a major part of American culture since someone from England decided to levy a tax on tea imports to the colonies. As a result, coffee was sipped with talk of revolution in the precursors to today’s diners and donut shops, all throughout the colonies.

As American culture grew and spread across the continent, the coffee shop, diner, and donut shop took their place at the center of American public life. Because of this, the coffee that was poured in those hallowed halls became the lifeblood of our nation. And coffee sipped in the donut shop, whether donuts were dunked in it or not, became one of the primary flavors of the country.

The tradition of donut shop counters and the heady American-style of coffee they brewed are slowly fading into history. Soon, it may be nearly impossible to find a donut shop and enjoy a rich and delicious cup of fresh-brewed donut shop-style coffee while you sit and snack on fried bits of dough.

But at least one coffee-roasting company is trying to preserve the legacy of donut shop coffee for generations of Americans who may never get the chance to sample this quintessentially American beverage in its native environment. Coffee People created a modern day recreation of classic donut shop coffee. Now, you can bring that great tasting donut shop coffee directly to your home and office in convenient, single-brew coffee K-Cups, thanks to Coffee For Less.

The Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups

This American-style donut shop coffee has become so popular, and so well-loved, that out of Coffee People a new brand was formed, The Original Donut Shop, dedicated specifically to keeping this taste and experience alive. Original Donut Shop K-Cup pods capture all of the essential traits of classic counter-service coffee, and deliver them directly to your cup at home. You won’t have to hunt for a donut shop that still has counter service. Brewing classic donut shop coffee with such ease is a privilege granted by modern K-Cup coffee brewing, and it’s put to perfect use with these timeless classic roasts.

The Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups have a taste profile that is sure to please fans of classic American donut shop coffee taste when brewed in a K-Cup coffee maker. Donut Shop Coffee is a medium-roast coffee that is robust without being too strong. It is known for being rich and sweet, with an exceptional and palatable smoothness.

This coffee brews with a heady, classic coffee aroma. It harkens back to a simpler time when your donut options were more straightforward, and you actually had to go to a donut shop to get them. It evokes a desire for sweet breakfast treats like donuts or cinnamon sticky buns, or it can be enjoyed on its own without pastries for a lovely pick-me-up any time of morning, afternoon, or evening. For a modern take on the classic donut shop experience, biscotti also makes for a good pairing with this medium, yet bold brew.

A Contemporary Coffee Brew With a Bit of Tradition in Every Drop

The body of The Original Donut Shop’s classic Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups is syrupy and full without being cloying. Every mouthful of the finished brew gives you a refreshing feeling on the tongue without leaving behind a bitter or sour aftertaste. This excellent Donut Shop Coffee brew has a pleasant aftertaste that does not feel too dry. This coffee truly satisfies your craving for the style you used to be able to get at the neighborhood cafe, diner, coffee shop, or donut shop. This coffee will take you back in time, and give you a taste of what is getting harder to find in America these days when it comes to amazing, rich coffee.

Try The Original Donut Shop Coffee K-Cups today for a quality cup of Joe that just might remind you of the coffee of days of yore.

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