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Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog Seasonal Coffee

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This week we are focusing on Green Mountain Coffee’s Spicy Eggnog seasonal coffee, a holiday favorite amongst many of our coffee-drinking community. While it may not be everyone’s favorite, eggnog fans will find this amongst their favorite flavored coffees. Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog flavored coffee combines quality Green Mountain Coffee and such rich eggnog flavors as heavy cream and delicious spices.

If you are looking for a great eggnog flavored coffee, do not miss out on this one. It is only available for a limited time, so stock up. Below, we will discuss some of the cup features of this Green Mountain Coffee seasonal coffee.

The Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog Flavored Coffee Experience

Green Mountain Coffee has combined a smooth and mellow medium roast bean with extracts of traditional eggnog flavors to create this elegant eggnog flavored coffee. Its aroma is rich and delicious with distinctive hints of cinnamon and is  the first thing to greet you when you brew this quality seasonal flavored coffee.

The mild color of the brew in your cup is no indicator of the intense authentic eggnog flavor contained in that same cup. This is not a flavored coffee for those who like little flavor. The distinctive mix of eggnog flavors and smooth mellow medium roast coffee flavor results in a shockingly delicious coffee.

Check out Green Mountain Coffee Spicy Eggnog Seasonal K-Cups to get this fantastic seasonal coffee before it is gone.

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  • Finally found spicy eggnog.


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