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Coffee Review: New York Coffee Cinnalicious Flavored Coffee

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New York Coffee Cinnalicious Flavored Coffee Has Cinnamon FlavorIn the last post, we discussed natural ways to flavor your coffee with spices, so today, we’re going to discuss a flavored coffee from New York Coffee that takes advantage of this long-standing flavored coffee tradition. New York Coffee Cinnalicious Flavored Coffee is one of the most cinnamon-sweet flavored coffees that CoffeeForLess offers.

If cinnamon spice flavored treats like cinnamon buns, churros, cinnamon toast, or cinnamon spice cookies like snickerdoodles, then New York Coffee Cinnalicious Coffee Beans will provide you with a delicious cinnamon flavored coffee experience that you are sure to love.


New York Coffee Cinnalicious Flavored Coffee Cup Experience

New York Coffee Cinnalicious Cinnamon Flavored CoffeeNew York Coffee Cinnalicious Coffee combines a very smooth coffee blend with one of the most distinctive dessert spices to create a smooth yet enticing flavored coffee experience. When you brew your New York Coffee Cinnalicious Ground Coffee, the aroma hearkens to memories of fresh baked desserts thanks to the distinctive cinnamon aroma.

In the cup, the coffee is not dark but instead has a lovely color. Sipping New York Coffee Cinnalicious Coffee, you notice a sweetness that is natural to this flavored coffee. Hints of vanilla and strong, sweet cinnamon blend with the smooth coffee flavor for a sweet and pleasant taste with or without sweetening.

The mouthfeel of this coffee is light and pleasant, and the aftertaste is pleasant thanks to lingering cinnamon. Without a doubt, this is one of the more pleasant and delightful cinnamon-spice flavored coffees that we carry.

New York Coffee Cinnalicious Coffee is available in decaffeinated varieties both as coffee beans and as ground coffee, so you can even enjoy this delicious dessert coffee in the evening without worrying about being up all night with the jitters.

Try this one with cream for a truly dessert flavor, but be careful with the sweeteners. New York Coffee Cinnalicious Flavored Coffee’s natural sweetness should not be underestimated.

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