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Coffee Review: Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee

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Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend Ground CoffeeCurrent estimates would suggest that Starbucks has a chain coffee shop in at least one out of every four countries across the globe, making them nearly ubiquitous in presence to people from pole to pole and back again. Starbucks coffee crosses the lips of so many human beings every day from so many cultures that one cannot help but wonder why Starbucks has managed to produce and provide a coffee enjoyed no matter one’s cultural taste palette.

With this question in mind, we approach a coffee from Starbucks which we feel manages to counter the usual criticism offered this giant of the coffee world. Today, we address Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee, a medium roast coffee that highlights the quality coffee beans used by Starbucks. Those who have only had Starbucks espresso drinks and feel their coffee is always burnt-tasting are in for a surprise.

Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee Cup Experience

You have heard it said many times, probably even said so yourself at one time or another: “Starbucks Coffee is always burnt!” This theme has been one the brand has often had to strive to overcome, but it is one that was naturally, if mistakenly, applied to the global coffee giant that put espresso on everyone’s meal planner. Espresso is traditionally made from beans that have been roasted to the darker or darkest coffee roasts, giving them a smoked, earthy, robust character suited to espresso.

Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend Ground Coffee immediately presents a lighter character than one would ever expect to be used in espresso. The ground coffee itself has a more burnt sienna hue that is clearly medium roast. It brews with a light, almost woody aroma that is piquantly sweet.

Depending on your brewing strength, it varies from a warm brown to a dark, earthy huge that appears loose yet full. The taste of Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee is sweet with hints of acidity that give it brightness. Its body is light and pleasant, passing to a mildly astringing, mildly citric aftertaste.

Overall, Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend is pleasant and easy to drink with light to medium roast characteristics worth experiencing. It’s an easy morning coffee that is easily enhanced with sweeteners yet robust enough to taken with creamer if that is your preference.

Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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  • I was just informed that you are discontinuing your breakfast blend coffee from your SB store in Ocean City, MD
    Is this true?


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