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Coffee Review: Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups

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K-Cup coffee fans who are looking for a strong and flavorful K-Cup coffee experience are in for a treat this week as we review Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups. This exceptional K-Cup offering from Tully’s Coffee represents the finer points in dark roast coffee served strong and delicious as most dark roast coffee fans prefer.

Tully’s does not skimp on the amount of their Italian Roast Coffee packed into these K-Cups, ensuring that each K-Cup brews a bold, full cup of coffee. This in combination with the quality espresso roast of this K-Cup coffee makes for a great cup of coffee from each Tully’s Italian Roast K-Cup.


Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups Cup Experience

Tully's Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups Dark Coffee ReviewTully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups look classy in terms of packaging design, but what comes out of them when you brew them is, by far, more impressive than might even be hinted at in the packaging. This coffee had us divided in assessing the aroma, some suggesting it seemed earthy while others suggested the smell was roasty. In either case, the aroma is a hearty Italian style espresso that got the dark roast fans chomping at the bit.

In the cup, it is dark and oily with a lovely visual texture. Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee tastes strong yet smooth, full-flavored yet balanced. It is a very pleasing dark roast with sweet caramelized notes and very mild acidity, giving it a body to match its flavor: strong yet smooth.

Shockingy, the aftertaste is mild if a bit dry, resulting in a real desire for more. The boldness, smoothness, and overall quality body of this one inspired us to try it over ice as well. The review was overwhelmingly positive. Icing this coffee only opens up its flavor, making it a great candidate for iced coffee.

Overall, we could not get enough of Tully’s Italian Roast Coffee K-Cups and expect it to be a regular in our Keurig machine. We will certainly be buying Tully's Italian Roast K-Cups by the Case.

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