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Coffee Shops and Food Service Establishments Popularize Green Convenience

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Save the Planet with Corn Plastic Compostable CupsAs consumers grow more aware of the impact of their consumption decisions, businesses across the country are racing to find consumer-friendly replacements for conveniences that most consumers have come to expect. Not since the battling burger giants’ rejection of Styrofoam has there been such a shift in consumer expectation. Today’s cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants have more opportunity to replace currently expected disposable conveniences with more environmentally friendly alternatives, and the price differences are shrinking every day as demand drives competition for the environmentally-friendly food service supplies market.

Compostable Cups, Plant-Derived Plastics, Disposable Beverage Services Go Green

Today’s consumers love to know their disposable conveniences are in line with their environmental outlook. So, when your customers see that your company invests in such corn plastic cold beverage cups as those made by Eco-Products or Savannah, they feel their money is being spent at an establishment that cares about the future. A cup of coffee served in a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Ecotainer Cup shows the buyer of that coffee that they are contributing a biodegradable cup to the landfill. A Savannah Bagasse Cup is made from biodegradable sugar cane fiber, making it an excellent choice for hot beverage service. Compostable Plates and Cups Break Down With TimeEven food service options today provide a variety of environmentally-conscious disposable food service options. Eco-Products produces both disposable compostable bowls and disposable compostable plates. Seventh Generation Napkins are made from recycled paper pulp, making them a green choice when it comes to disposable napkins. While replacing outdated disposable beverage service or food service products may be good for the planet, it is also a great marketing move for your business. Meeting today’s conscious consumer where they are comfortable makes them more likely to identify with your business or services, and that ensures repeat business. It’s easier than ever to advertise your business’s green efforts thanks to products that are at the cutting edge of convenience science.

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