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Coffee Shortages Expected From Global Climate Change

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Coffee Bean Production to Be Affected By Global Climate ChangeRecord heat waves, unusual droughts, floods, and wild fires are some of the horrors that global climate change models predict, but now some are saying that something even worse is on the way: coffee shortages!

The Coffee Arabica plant grows in a specific belt on the globe known as “The Coffee Bean Belt,” and this belt maintains a 4-5 degree temperature range that is ideal for producing great coffee beans. Almost all of the coffee that we enjoy is grown in this specific temperature range. Global climate change models suggest that the regions which we rely upon to produce our coffee will shift out of this temperature range by 2080, resulting in major stress upon the industry.

This does not mean the end of coffee, but it does suggest that the industry will have to adapt to a changing world, as much of agriculture around the globe is likely to experience.  This could cause shortages, price increases, and many other difficulties, but it also provides opportunities.

Coffee Plants and Grape Vines, A History of Agricultural Shift

The grape vine is another sensitive plant on which we rely for another one or two of humanity’s favorite beverages. It grows well within a limited climate too, so as climate change has occurred, vineyards have been chasing this zone of ideal weather as it moves farther and farther from the equator. Some suggest that we may one day be drinking English instead of French wines!

Certainly with time, coffee agriculture will adjust to global climate change, but this coffee drinker still finds it difficult to imagine drinking Georgian coffee or New Zealand coffee, but the day may come. In the short term, coffee drinkers should expect sporadic harvests as a result of warming temperatures and spreading drought conditions.

In the meantime, you can get all of the coffee beans that you want at the prices that you expect at CoffeeForLess.

As the coffee world changes, we will keep you informed of the events that affect coffee prices, but one thing you can trust not to change is that CoffeeForLess will continue to offer you the best prices of coffee that we can.

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