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CoffeeForLess Hit the Books Scholarship Winner Announced

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Twice a year, CoffeeForLess awards an educational scholarship that we call the Hit The Books Scholarship to a student from within our community of coffee enthusiasts. This award of $500 dollars is meant to assist the budding scholar in affording the books and experiences that make up their college or university experience.

Today, we are pleased to announce the winner of the Fall 2012 Hit The Books Scholarship: Jane Marchant!

The Fall 2012 Hit The Books Scholarship Award Winner

CoffeeForLess Hit The Books Scholarship Winner Fall 2012Jane is a returning student to university life, having taken a sebaticle to travel the world and gain experience on her way to returning to her education. She is starting at Columbia University and majoring in Creative Writing.

She wrote us about her journey and how she sees the CoffeeForLess Hit The Books Scholarship as an affirmation of her decisions:

I would like to thank the scholarship committee at Coffee For Less for choosing me as their recipient of the most recent Hit the Books Scholarship. As a creative writing major, I will definitely be hitting the books this coming semester! I am a returning student, and will be starting Columbia University, in New York City, after five years out of university. I spent my time traveling the world; and while it was a beautiful experience, it taught me that I wanted something more. I wanted an education.

It was a difficult decision for me to return to finish my bachelor’s degree, and the tuition of a private school put a lot of pressure on me financially. Thanks to this scholarship, a little of the load has been taken off of my shoulders, and I am very grateful for that. The support from Coffee for Less reassures me that the financial aspects of university will work themselves out; and motivates me to concentrate all of my energy on my coming studies. There is nothing more important to a person than their education, and I thank Coffee for Less for contributing to mine.


Jane Marchant

The CoffeeForLess Hit The Books Scholarship Spring 2013

Congratulate Jane and wish her luck on her educational journey, but remember, the next CoffeeForLess Hit The Books Scholarship deadline is January 31st. If there is a scholar in your life, a friend or relative that could use a little assistance on their educational journey and that is passionate about their love of coffee, then make sure they apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Coffee has long been the drink of choice for deep discussions, so join CoffeeForLess in supporting the next generation of scholars.

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