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Do I Need a Tassimo Cleaning Disc to Clean My T-Disc Brewer?

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A few companies are marketing branded cleaning discs for a variety of single serving coffee makers, including such CoffeeForLess favorites as Tassimo and Keurig coffee machines. These products appearance in the marketplace has led some in our coffee community to ask if these products are necessary when it comes to coffee machine maintenance. Today, we put to rest he question of whether you need a branded Tassimo cleaning disc or some sort of special cleaning K-Cup to clean these machinese.

While these branded cleaning implements do offer their own specific promises, single cup coffee makers like Tassimo T-Disc brewer and the Keurig K-Cup coffee maker are quite simply not that different from regular coffee makers to absolutely necessitate design or brand specific cleansers.

They can simply be cleaned as any other coffee maker is cleaned, making single cup coffee makers just as easy to own and maintain as regular coffee makers, no Tassimo cleaning disc or scrubby K-Cup necessary.

Clean Tassimo or K-Cup Coffee Makers with Household Ingredients

Maybe you have heard that you can clean coffee makers with white vinegar, maybe you have not, but one thing is certain: it works. Vinegar is very acidic and the elements left behind by unfiltered water and the coffee making process happen to have a great solubility in acidic vinegar-water mixtures.

The only problem with using white vinegar to clean a coffee maker like a Tassimo or Keurig model is that vinegar itself, while utterly harmless to people, is actually quite acidic and capable of damaging sensitive coffee maker parts. This is solved by simply watering down vinegar at a proportion of one part vinegar to two parts water.

For instance, mixing one cup of vinegar with two cups of water would make a cleansing fluid that is utterly effective at descaling and cleaning as any Tassimo cleaning disc.

The method is simply, run your vinegar-water mix through your coffee maker just as you would regular water. Run the vinegar-water mix to make a full pot of coffee or cup of coffee, depending on your brewer. Do this once, and then run the brewer two more times with regular water to rinse out any residual vinegar.

Do this with no coffee in the machine and discard each round of cleanser brew to clean your Tassimo brewer or K-Cup coffee maker with no need for branded cleaning discs.


  • I need to clean my Tassimo, but I don’t seem to have a cleaning disc. How do I get one?

    Diana Ward
  • When the water reservoir is full but the low water symbol flashes and won’t go away, it’s probably the weak magnet located in the reservoir. This magnet floats to the top of it’s holding cell and is next to the machine when the tank is in place, making a connection and telling the machine when the tank is full. After some time the magnet loses it’s strength, no longer making the connection with the machine.

    Handily I had a small enough magnet kicking around and dropped it in the same cell with the original magnet and voila, it makes the connection to the machine and all is right in the world. Be aware however the new magnet tells the machine the tank is full constantly, regardless of the water level, so best practice may be to refill the reservoir after each cup or two of beverage is made.

    Mmm Coffee
  • The yellow/orange disc just allows you to run water through your machine. You never have to throw it away. You can use it when you want to make a drink where you put the contents in a cup, such as hot chocolate, then run water through the machine. It really just acts like a kettle. Hope that helps.

  • Just descaled my TASSIMO.. But when I turn it on the red light that lets you know you need more water in the reservoir keeps blinking and nothing happens . The tank is full and everything is lined up. I have tried it with the cleaning disc and a coffee disc. It worked fine when I was descaling. Any advice PLEASE

  • I have lost my disc, what can I do now?

    Cj Murray

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