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Environmental News: Keurig Announces All K-Cups Will Be Recyclable By the End of 2020
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Environmental News: Keurig Announces All K-Cups Will Be Recyclable By the End of 2020

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Keurig brewing and K-Cups have always represented the easiest, most economical, and most convenient way to brew an excellent cup of coffee or your favorite hot beverage, consistently, every single time. But the best news yet is that soon, they will be 100% recyclable as well.

That’s right! Your favorite beverages will soon be available for home brewing in the fantastic K-Cup packaging that you’ve come to know and love, only now that packaging will be easy and convenient to recycle! So, you can sit back and enjoy your favorite hot and cold Keurig-brewed beverages, assured that you’re not contributing to the waste stream filling the local landfill.

The Recyclable Keurig K-Cup You’ve Been Waiting For

Keurig K-Cup Pods are already in transition to an easy-to-recycle format that will be ready to go by the end of the year. Many of your favorite beverage K-Cups may already be available in recyclable pods. You just have to look for the green recyclable symbol on the website, or keep an eye out for the recyclable flag on boxes of K-cup pods.

#5 Plastic for Easy, Convenient, In-Demand Recycling of Keurig K-Cups
There have been a few problems that have come to light in recent years when it comes to recycling. These days, it seems that certain plastics just aren’t in as high demand by the companies that do the actual recycling. Now, entire countries that used to perform the majority of recycling are turning away shipments of plastic, making it tempting to think that recycling is not as important as we once considered it to be.

Thankfully, the #5 plastic that Keurig’s K-Cup pods are transitioning to is in very high demand. More and more recycling programs and companies that handle recycling materials are specifically seeking out #5 plastic. The truth is that #5 polypropylene has always been in high demand, and you’ve likely been recycling pill bottles, butter containers, and yogurt tubs made out of it for some time now.

Environmentally Friendly Keurig Brewing Is Actually Nothing New

Please don’t think that Keurig brewing is just now becoming environmentally friendly! In fact, there have always been ways to enjoy the ease, convenience, and terrifically consistent beverages available from your Keurig while reducing your environmental impact. Reusable K-Cup filters have been around for years, and Keurig has been incrementally converting K-Cups to a recyclable format since back in 2016.

K-Cup Packaging Has Always Been Recyclable

It’s also important to note that, aside from the K-Cups inside, K-Cup packaging has always been recyclable in nearly every community in North America. The wrapping and boxes you’ve been receiving your K-Cups in are most likely recyclable where you live, even if the K-Cups themselves may not be for a little bit longer.

The Great News About K-Cups

Keurig K-Cups, the easiest way to brew the beverages you love conveniently and
consistently, are transitioning to a recyclable format all across North America. The #5 plastic that the recyclable K-Cups are made from are in high demand, and even if they aren’t recyclable in your community at the moment, they likely will be soon. Regardless, all K-Cups will be recyclable by the end of 2020.

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