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Fast Guide to Different Types of Coffee Makers
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Fast Guide to Different Types of Coffee Makers

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coffee-maker-comparison There’s nothing wrong with the classic drip coffee maker, but as English poet William Cowper said, “Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” As you’re probably aware, there’s more than one way to make a great cup of coffee. Not sure which style of coffee maker is best for you? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways of brewing coffee, and a few of the most common types of coffee makers that help you prepare your morning joe.

Drip Coffee Maker

This is your standard coffee machine, but designs have come a long way over the years. Modern drip coffee machines feature automatic timers, gentle heating plates that don’t burn coffee, and thermal carafes that keep your coffee warm all day long. Some even have altitude adjustments and pre-soak cycles. These aren’t your grandma’s coffee maker.

Espresso Machines

Espresso originated in Italy during the 1800s, but it’s since become a popular drink all over the world. It has a robust, concentrated flavor, and can be quaffed as-is or mixed into a wide variety of delicious espresso drinks. If you want to get that coffeehouse flavor at home, then an espresso machine is the right type of coffee maker for you. But do yourself a favor, and be sure to do some research on pulling the perfect espresso shot. If you want to make espresso like a pro, you’ll find that there’s more to it than you might think. Modern espresso machines often include adjustable shot length and other programmable settings, too.

Single-Serving Coffee Machines

keurig-b155 If you’re like many coffee lovers, then you’ve probably been caught up in the single-serving craze. Single-serving coffee machines like the popular Keurig series brew delicious coffee, one pod at a time. Each coffee pod contains its own filter and beans, sealed for freshness. That way you don’t have to worry about your ground coffee going stale. Single-serving coffee machines are perfect for small households and offices, and those who want coffee with only a minimum of fuss or cleanup.

Pour Over Coffee

The pour over method of coffee brewing originated in Germany in 1908, by a housewife named Melitta Bentz. The eponymous company she founded is still a popular brand among pour over enthusiasts. To make pour over coffee, you’ll need a slow-pouring pitcher, a pour over cone, paper filters, and a gram scale or measuring spoon. Measure out 60 grams of fresh-ground coffee for each liter of water, place the filter in the cone and the cone on a cup or pour over pot, and slowly pour 200-degree water over the beans. If this sounds like a lot of work, just wait until you taste it!

French Press Coffee Maker

Almost as hip as a pour over but decidedly less fussy, the French Press method is an easy way to brew awesome coffee, even when you’re on a camping trip. If you’ve never encountered a French press, it looks like a large cylindrical beaker with a metal filter attached to a vertical plunger. To make French press coffee, just measure out 2 tablespoons of fresh coffee beans per cup, grind them to a chunky consistency, then stir and steep them in water that has been heated to a boil and allowed to cool for one minute. Let it sit for four more minutes, and then gently depress the plunger to trap the grounds at the bottom. Pour and enjoy!

There’s More Than One Way to Make Great Coffee!

However you make your coffee, we hope it’s always delicious. Of course, great coffee starts with quality coffee beans, so we’d like to invite you to sample ours. We think you’ll find that CoffeeForLess coffee beans are among the best you’ll find anywhere, and they’re available at prices you just can’t beat. Thanks for reading!

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