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Our Favorite Coffee Shop Hangouts From Television
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Our Favorite Coffee Shop Hangouts From Television

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For the average viewer, coffee shops featured on television shows may be considered nothing more than just simple, everyday TV studio sets. However, for many coffee lovers, these fictional hangouts remind us of our own favorite coffee spots and hold a special place in our hearts. Here is a list of our top 6 fictional coffee shops from classic TV shows, and the characters who filled them with fond memories.  

1. Luke’s Diner From Gilmore Girls

  The residents of Stars Hollow know Luke’s Diner is the best place to get a cup of java with a side of hot gossip. The mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, had many fast paced (and clearly caffeine induced) heart to hearts inside Luke’s Diner. On the TV show, Luke’s Diner was everyone’s favorite gossip spot where the coffee was always on.  

2. Central Perk From Friends

  Perhaps the most well-known and loved TV coffee shop, Central Perk was indeed a central location for all the friends to get together for coffee and shenanigans. Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, and Phoebe practically lived on that orange velvet couch (though we all wondered how it was always available, especially in busy New York City).

3. Monk’s Cafe From Seinfeld

  Although they didn’t serve just coffee, Monk’s Cafe was the fictional diner in NYC where the Seinfeld crew would meet up at all hours to discuss their wild antics and have some of the funniest and most quotable conversations ever seen on TV.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/nup-100088-0011.jpg  

4. The Planet

  Before it became a raging nightclub, The Planet was the trendy LA hang out spot for the ladies of the HBO drama The L Word to meet up for coffee, breakfast, and conversation. Inside The Planet’s walls, viewers were able to see a group of gay women and their friends discuss the drama of their love lives for the very first time on television.  

5. Cafe Nervosa

  While the classic 1980s sitcom Cheers took place inside of a bar in Boston, the 90s spin-off show called Frasier takes place in Seattle, mostly in a cafe aptly named Cafe Nervosa. This coffee shop is where Frasier and his brother Niles often exchanged the series’ trademark witty banter over shots of espresso. There was even an entire episode of Frasier filmed exclusively within Cafe Nervosa!  

6. Espresso Pump From Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  While the Bronze nightclub was the hip and happening place to go for nightlife in Sunnydale (the fictional Southern California city where the Buffy series takes place), during the day, the only place to be was the Espresso Pump. Plenty of supernatural shenanigans took place within the Espresso Pump, and the Buffy crew was often seen there sipping coffee while planning their next vampire-slaying adventure.

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