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FRAVA ENERGY DRINKS: The Power of Green Coffee
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FRAVA ENERGY DRINKS: The Power of Green Coffee

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Frava Energy DrinksFrava Energy Drinks began its inception in the spring of 2010. Three college students were enduring finals week, and they were starting to grow weary of their dependency on caffeine. They liked juice, but juice had no place in the frenetic world of demanding deadlines. Caught in between the tantalizing refreshness of fruit juice and the much-needed energy boost of caffeine, the friends hatched together a plan for a drink with the perfect balance: striking a perfect medium between fruit’s wholesome tanginess with natural green coffee beans, roasted for its natural properties to supply healthy caffeine with a sensitive decline. In other words: no crash and chockfull of antioxidants. It’s now 2013, and the demand for Frava’s naturally caffeinated energy drinks has exploded. Frava has caught the attention of huge drink distributors and are growing increasingly popular around New York City and Long Island areas. Finally, caffeine and fruit can exist deliciously in the same bottle. The natural sweetness of the fruits won’t leave a cloyingly syrupy cling on the tongue, and the caffeine churned from green beans won’t leave you jittery and bottoming out hours later. The fierce debate between the choice of fruit or java can stop: Frava has arrived with all wins, no compromise. Now, you can enjoy the energizing sweetness of Frava’s energy drinks from Coffee for Less.

Frava’s Energy Drink Varieties at CoffeeforLess

Frava Peach Mango Juice Energy Drink – Two delicious fruits blended together for a highly potent antioxidant drink that invigorates. The sweetness of the honeyed fruits help you get energized with the all-natural caffeine from the green coffee beans, which has been known for health and weight-loss benefits. Frava Pomegranate Acai Juice Energy Drink – This natural energy drink has tarty pomegranate with a splash of acai berry flavor. These two fruits are notorious for its many health benefits, making this drink fortified with antioxidants. Frava Pineapple Orange Juice Energy Drink – The citrusy orange and the sweet pineapple consist of a blend of antioxidants, while marrying together the natural green tea coffee beans benefits. The caffeine from the green coffee beans wraps around the two flavors for a deliciously revitalizing drink. Frava Cranberry Orange Juice Energy Drink -This unique formulation consists of cranberry juice with an added health benefit of potassium, which aids in metabolic rate. A splash of orange juice adds a jazzy zing to the energy drink for a much needed boost of energy.

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