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French Vanilla: America’s Favorite Coffee Flavor

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French vanilla is one of the most popular flavors for flavored coffee. French vanilla creamers and French vanilla flavored coffee beans are some of the top selling coffee products in the United States. French vanilla, though, sounds as classy as it tastes delicious. It gets its name from the French way of making rich, custard-like ice cream. The traditional French style of ice cream as served in cafes in Paris is smooth and luscious, combining creamy custardy flavor with delicate vanilla bean. It is no wonder that this continental flavor has taken American palate by storm.

Wolfgang Puck Vanilla Francaise Coffee K-CupThis delicious flavor is available from nearly every single K-Cup coffee roaster because the flavor is so popular.  While vanilla bean itself is the commonality between these many flavored K-Cups, each roaster’s take on the custardy smooth French vanilla style is worth exploration.

French Vanilla K-Cups Galore

Timothy’s World Coffee makes an excellent French vanilla K-Cup. Timothy’s Vanilla Francaise K-Cups brew up smooth and sweet with an authentic vanilla bean flavor. For a bit more vanilla bean kick, try Gloria Jean’s Vanilla Supreme Coffee K-Cups. This one is luscious. Gloria Jean’s coffee truly does not skimp on the flavor.

By far the most decadent vanilla bean coffee bean emulsion that you can get in a K-Cup, Wolfgang Puck’s Coffee Vanilla Francaise brews a cup of coffee that might as well be dessert.

Green Mountain Coffee French Vanilla Decaf Coffee K-CupGreen Mountain Coffee makes one of the better decaffeinated French Vanilla K-Cups. It has full vanilla flavor without all of the buzz of other vanilla K-Cups.

Try them all to find out which one is your favorite. With your K-Cup coffee maker, trying them all is a breeze.

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