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From Grass-Fed Butter to Activated Charcoal, 6 New Additions to Try in Your Coffee
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From Grass-Fed Butter to Activated Charcoal, 6 New Additions to Try in Your Coffee

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Coffee has been a part of many people’s lives for a very long time. Remarkably still, tons of people out there are still managing to come up with new ways to enhance this beloved beverage’s naturally good flavor. From grass-fed butter to the latest in CBD oils in coffee, it seems that your morning beverage is evolving and keeping pace with the times.

In this post, we’ll take a look at three brand new coffee additions or enhancements that are currently trending. You may not want to try all of them, but there may be one idea in here that changes your coffee consumption for life. Trying something new in your coffee isn’t exactly a risk, after all – you’ll still have a cup of coffee, regardless. Read on to learn more about the latest and greatest when it comes to spicing up your morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee!

1 - Grass-Fed Butter in Your Coffee

Butter is one of the world’s absolute best foods, and it’s full of sweetness and umami. Coffee, on the other hand, is perhaps the world’s best beverage. But, if the idea of melting a pat or two of butter in your coffee sounds like putting a float of oily mess on the surface of your favorite brew, you wouldn’t be alone. Good thing that isn’t what we’re suggesting.

What people are doing these days is adding rich, golden, grass-fed or pasture butter one tablespoon at a time to their coffee, and then whirring it into a frothy awesomeness in their blender. Try it and you may never buy half and half again. (Psst – it doesn’t have to be grass-fed butter, but if you want to maximize your EFA (essential fatty acid) intake, then be sure to reach for the pasture.)

2 - Coconut or MCT Oil

Another health trend that’s spreading rapidly involves adding coconut or another medium chain triglyceride to your coffee. It may not change the flavor of your coffee much, or at all, depending on your palate, but research has shown that MCT oils can lower your cholesterol, help with weight loss, and enhance your mood. And, they have other health benefits as well.

3 - Collagen

If you’re looking for a powerful way to incorporate more protein into your breakfast routine without adding more cholesterol or fat, consider jumping on the collagen bandwagon. Collagen powders mix fantastically well with hot coffee (again, reach for the blender for maximum emulsification), and they support joint and bone health as well as muscle building and retention.

For bonus points, try “bullet-proof” coffee, blending all three of the above into your brew for a breakfast replacement (or enhancement) that packs a triple punch.

4 – CBD for Relaxation

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is an active ingredient naturally found in cannabis. But rather than having an intoxicating effect, it helps to relax you without impairment, tastes delicious, and has a tremendous variety of scientifically proven health benefits.

5 - Egg

That’s right, egg. Before you go running for the hills, no one is suggesting that you crack a raw egg into your hot coffee or cold brew and down it, Rocky-style. Traditional in the Scandinavian countries and in many parts of the American Midwest, mixing a raw egg into your coffee grounds and then boiling with water isn’t exactly a new idea.

The resulting brew, nearly acid-free, amber in color, and crystal clear, is definitely worth trying out once – even if it turns out it’s not for you.

6 - Activated Charcoal Is All the Rage, Coffee Lovers!

Activated charcoal isn’t just first aid for poisoning victims, as it turns out. These days, plenty of people are putting it right in their coffee. While this may be a hot trend, adding this flavorless, odorless powder, associated with cleansing to your coffee may not have any health benefits whatsoever. The verdict is still out. One thing is sure though, taking too much charcoal can bind you up, and it just may keep the caffeine in your coffee from doing its magic in your body.

Coffee-Flavored Coffee?!

For as long as people have been drinking coffee, they have been working on ways to make it better tasting and better for you. Time will tell if any of today’s coffee enhancing trends become time-honored classics like the egg coffee mentioned above. Try one or two out, or make up something new for yourself – and continue to enjoy the most loved beverage around!

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