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Happy New Year From CoffeeForLess

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Coffee Beans and K-Cups New Year Deals at CoffeeForLessIn the last hours of 2012, we want to raise our mug and wish our customers a Happy New Year of great coffee and well-being. We have worked hard to up our game in 2012 at CoffeeForLess, providing more helpful infographics and articles to our customers and striving to provide the best prices on coffee beans that we could. Our efforts to build a coffee community have really paid off, with our customers returning over and over again and offering great feedback and helpful reviews on the coffees that we carry at CoffeeForLess. We have sought the best coffees and most useful coffee accessories that we can provide, and our customers have noticed. We are truly excited for 2013 and the emerging coffee regions that we will be able to enjoy and offer to our customers.

CoffeeForLess New Year’s Resolutions

CoffeeForLess’s team of coffee enthusiasts is just as passionate as your community of customers when it comes to quality coffee. Our New Year’s resolution is to continue our efforts to find the most exciting emerging regional coffee beans and delicious, gourmet flavored coffees that we can offer. We will continue to seek out the best single cup coffee makers, seeking out the best technologies and keeping our customers up to date with product updates and news in the single serving coffee world. Beyond that, we will seek to offer the best prices on single cup coffee refills like K-Cups for your Keurig, Tassimo, and other coffee systems. As more useful accessories become available, we will provide them at great prices to our customers. While they may seem like obvious resolutions to make, we know these efforts on our part are what set CoffeeForLess apart from other online coffee shops. Our dedication to great coffee and great deals are what has given us the opportunity to work with such a great coffee community. We would love to hear any New Year’s coffee resolutions, if you have any, from our community of passionate coffee drinkers. Happy New Year! -The CoffeeForLess Crew

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