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How Can I Make an Even Stronger Cup of Coffee With My Keurig Machine?
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How Can I Make an Even Stronger Cup of Coffee With My Keurig Machine?

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My Keurig Coffee Isn't as Strong as I Want it Brewed!

Do you wish your Keurig coffee were a bit stronger? Learn simple tricks to brew a higher caffeine coffee with the same easy-to-use Keurig machine.

If you’re reading this article, then chances are very strong that you’re a pretty serious coffee drinker. And like many of us out there, you probably like your coffee to pack a real strong caffeine punch. But using a Keurig coffee machine to make your morning or afternoon brew can sometimes make it difficult for you to reach that perfect buzz.

To bump up the strength of your next cup of coffee brewed with your Keurig coffee maker, here are a few very easy ways that you can use your machine to brew even stronger coffee.

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Go Extra Bold

One of the simplest ways to make your Keurig coffee machine produce stronger coffee is by using the Extra Bold Keurig K-Cups. These K-Cups are designed to bring a higher caffeine content, created specifically with the Keurig brewing process in mind. This is probably the most straightforward solution, and requires the least maneuvering from you.

Tip: Brew just water before brewing your coffee. The higher heat settings will help make up for the short brew time.

Slowing Down and Heating Up

Keurig’s brewing process, compared to the more traditional methods of coffee brewing, runs quick and cold. Because the cycle is so quick, there may be less caffeine in each cup that the machine brews.

The longer coffee beans steep, the more caffeine tends to be extracted. That’s why French presses tend to yield higher caffeine-content coffee because they often steep for up to five minutes. This is an obvious trick, but by using the Strong setting on your Keurig, you add 30 seconds to your brew, and simply and easily strengthen your coffee.

Because the Keurig is made to be quick, you can compensate for the always-short brewing time by running the Keurig at a higher heat. To warm up the machine and the water in it, run a brew of just water before brewing your coffee. The higher heat settings will help make up for the short brew time.

Find Your Best Coffee Ratio

Coffee experts tend to agree that the best coffee-to-water ratio is about 1:16. Okay – but what does that mean? Each K-Cup should use five to seven ounces of water; that’s less than one full cup of water. In other words – be stingy with your water when brewing to get a stronger cup of coffee.

The beauty of a Keurig is that it allows everyone who uses it to personally select his or her favorite coffee settings. A vast selection of K-Cup flavors, types, and strengths are available at

Try different K-Cups to find one that works best for you – there may be a bolder bean, stronger flavor, or darker roast that suits you even better than what you currently brew.

Double Up Your K-Cup

By placing a used K-Cup inside of a reusable My K-Cup, you can create a double chamber for brewing, creating a nearly doubly effective brew. The double chamber leads to longer steeping and slower draining times, strengthening the caffeine content.

Making My Coffee Less Watery With a Keurig

Light-roast coffees almost always have a higher caffeine content, but with the quick Keurig brewing time, they can come out tasting watery and weak. Using a medium roast and the 4-oz brew setting, though, you might actually get a stronger cup of coffee.

The quickest and easiest ways to get the most caffeine out of your Keurig are to use less water and higher heat, but these other tricks can help you create an even stronger cup of coffee. Go bold, slow down, heat up, and get your coffee kick up to where you need it to be.


  • Thanks for the tips. With each kcup having less coffee in them the coffee is weaker. There’s definitely a difference in the strength from about 10 years ago when I bought my first Keurig. I really prefer perked coffee but don’t have the time during the work week.

    Deborah Denaro
  • Thank you for the information. I will definitely try some of your suggestions.

    James W. Dorsett

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