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How to Use Keurig Coffee Makers

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7 Easy Steps to an Excellent K-Cup Brew

For those of you who just bought your first Keurig coffee maker and are ready to brew up a cup of your favorite blend, here is a simple 7-step guide on how to use Keurig Coffee Maker machines. There are a number of different models available, so be sure to check your models make and follow any specific instructions unique to your Keurig brewer.

1Plug Your Brewer into its Own Grounded Outlet

If the outlet you’re plugging your brewer into is overloaded with other appliances, it may not operate at an optimal level. To ensure you get the best quality brew, use Keurig coffee makers only when plugged into their own outlets. 

2. Keep Your Brewer “ON” at All Times

To brew a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate your brewer needs to be “ON” all the time. However, you can use Keurig coffee makers in accordance to your schedule once you program their settings.  

3. Use Bottled or Filtered Water in Your Keurig

To ensure every K-Cup brew is of the highest quality, use water that has been filtered. This will make sure your coffee or tea is rid of chlorine or mineral tastes.

4. Set Your Brewer to Your Preferences

Choose from a variety of options like brew size and flavor. The smaller the cup size, the bolder the flavor, while the larger the cup size, the milder the flavor.

5. Remove Your K-Cup after Use

This will protect the needle that punctures the K-Cup from getting clogged with tea or coffee grounds. Use Keurig coffee makers only when the stream from the brewer is operating at full capacity. If you notice a weak stream, you may have a blockage and need to clean out your machine.  

6How to Brew Into a Travel Mug

When using a larger container like a travel mug, you need to make more space by removing the Drip Tray Assembly. Once you’ve done this, you can place your travel mug on the Drip Tray Base.

7De-Scale/Cleanse Brewer Regularly

To “De-scale” means to clean out your brewer. To do this properly you need to follow these easy steps.

·       Clean and rinse the water reservoir with 10 oz. of undiluted vinegar, then put the reservoir back into the brewer. With a mug in place, activate the brewer process and allow the vinegar to brew through the machine and out into the mug.

·       Repeat the process.

·       Do the same thing as you did in steps 1 and 2, except use cold water instead of vinegar.

Follow these 7 steps on how use Keurig coffee makers and you’re sure to get a high quality brew every time. Remember, program your machine to your preferences like size and flavor. Also, be sure to “de-scale” or clean your brewer regularly with undiluted vinegar and cold water. By following all these steps, you’re sure to have a great cup of coffee every time you brew up a K-cup.

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