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I Need Better K-Cup Storage

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It’s been a rough Monday, my fellow coffee fanatics.  We all know Mondays are tough, and if you’re as big of a coffeehead as I am, you know they hurt a distinctively measurable amount more prior to that first glorious cup of invigorating brew. The whole reason I love my K-Cup coffee maker is that when I’m preverbal, flailing about in the early A.M. blind as a naked mole rat, and barely reasonable at all, all I have to do is pop that little cup in and hit a button and then wait for sanity’s gradual return. This morning, that is not quite how it happened.

I did my usual flailing about in the dark, smacking the alarm clock and wandering in the direction of that machine that brings consciousness. Oh, sweet java goddess, glorious caffeinated savior, I approach your altar in supplicant humility, for I know it is your nectar that gives me the ability to work, nay to live!

Such horror I have not seen. The temple was empty, the goddess in absentia.

All I could think was, “Where are all my K-Cups? Where is my coffee!?!?” Though I assure you there was significantly more mumbled profanity amongst that abject terror. The only answer was an empty K-Cup box lying on its side on the counter.

The K-Cup Villain

My ears slowly woke up, catching up with my eyes, and I heard it: a terrible crunching sound coming from elsewhere in the house. It sounded like plastic. The sad, sleepy meander I took in that direction obviously cost me precious time.

My dog, normally my closest companion, best friend to this man, and adorable as can be, was suddenly cast as my nemesis, my villain, my very doom for she laid in a mess of coffee grounds, two or three wrecked K-Cups laying massacred about her, the last visible one crunching between her jaws.

Crunch-crunch. Crunch-crunch.

The sound represented the failure of a morning, a desperate run to the store half alert and behind the wheel, or worse: coffee chain coffee! Clearly, the cat and the dog had conspired. Perhaps the cat had been paid off by the dog to knock the precious K-Cups onto the floor, for surely the dog could not so perfectly ruin my morning alone! It had to be a conspiracy.

K-Cup Storage Saved Our Relationship

Though I wrestled the last K-Cup from my pooch’s jaws and did eventually get an excellent cup of Sumatran to get me going, it could have all been prevented if I’d just bothered to spend the money on some sort of K-Cup storage. K-Cup holders are the right solution to K-Cup clutter and let you look at your selection. More importantly, a K-Cup storage unit holds K-Cups so dogs, in all their adorable glory, cannot get at them. Of course, you probably don't expect your cat and dog to team up and destroy your K-Cups. I didn't.

I’ll have to admit though, that’s some tough plastic on those K-Cups.

Also, I’m buying some K-Cup storage system already. Nothing comes between me and my coffee or my dog!

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