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Iced Chocolate is a Warm Weather Treat
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Iced Chocolate is a Warm Weather Treat

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Perhaps you are yearning for a cool day to dive into that winter-time treat you love so much, or perhaps you are just a chocoholic with a daily yearning for a cocoa-rich treat. Whatever the case, iced chocolate is a perfect treat for a hot day.

Surely, you have heard of iced tea and iced coffee. Iced chocolate works off the same premise. Take a hot beverage that you love and serve it over ice to make it warm weather appropriate. This works great with hot chocolate, and with a Keurig coffee maker, making iced chocolate is a breeze!

Iced Chocolate from Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Any number of instant hot cocoa mixes or K-Cup hot chocolates are great for this, and CoffeeForLess carries a variety of hot cocoa and hot chocolate options. However, if you are looking for an ice-cold chocolate treat on demand, nothing beats K-Cup hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate K-Cups are a great choice because the hot cocoa that they produce is rich and delicious without being too heavy to be enjoyable on a hot day. Simply prepare the hot chocolate K-Cup the same way you normally would, but put ice in the cup that you plan to brew the hot chocolate into. For a real treat, try adding a flavored syrup to your iced chocolate. Mint syrup is particularly delicious. If this is not enough iced chocolate to assuage your chocolate cravings, try the hot chocolate pops that we have suggested previously.

They are almost as easy to make as iced chocolate drinks and are sure to please any children you might have around. So, as you can see, enjoying your hot chocolate K-Cups or instant hot chocolate is not something to forget about just because Summer is around the corner. Hot chocolate can become an ingredient in a variety of summertime treats!

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  • I LOVE to mix “hot chocolate” powder with vanilla frozen yogurt in my single cup mixer! That’s my favorite way to mix it up! ☺


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