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Beat the Cold and Keep the Coffee Steaming
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Beat the Cold and Keep the Coffee Steaming

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It’s Cold Out, But Your Coffee Shouldn’t Be: 6 Tips to Keep Your Coffee Hot

We’ve all been there: that horrible moment when you remember that you brewed a delicious cup of steaming hot coffee three hours ago and it’s been sitting, untouched, on your desk ever since.

Room temperature coffee, as unpleasant as it is, is easily avoidable. You don’t have to burn your mouth trying to finish your coffee before it’s cooled off—there are plenty of ways to keep your coffee hot as you go about your busy morning routine.

1) Mug Warmer

Unlike a hot plate, a coffee cup warmer will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature without burning it. Many mug warmers are USB compatible, so you can bring yours from the kitchen counter to your car or desk at the office with ease. Mug warmers look just like coasters, so you can keep your coffee warm and your desk or table surface protected.

2) Cup Sleeve

Coffee cup sleeves (or Java Jackets) have been keeping our coffee hot since the dawn of coffee-on-the-go. You can knit your own cup sleeve, or use a (clean) thermal sock. There are tons of options for cup cozies that will fit your to-go coffee cup, keep your coffee hot, and add a little personality to your morning Joe, too.

3) Smart Technology Mug

For all of the coffee-drinking tech-heads of the world, the temperature-regulating Ember mug is the perfect solution for keeping your coffee regulated to the perfect temperature. With Ember mugs, you can customize the temperature of your beverage so that it stays consistently toasty. Keep your coffee piping hot from the comfort of your phone—you can even set your preferences from the app on your phone or smart watch.

4) Try an Old-School Coffee Thermos 

The concept of a thermos is age-old—a container that keeps your drink hot using a double wall of insulation. Invented in 1892 by Sir James Dewar, thermoses use vacuum-seal technology and insulated support in order to keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. Hydro Flask, a leading thermos brand, uses temp-shield double vacuum-insulated technology to keep any liquid in the container hot until you’re ready to start sipping.

5) Immersion Heater

A portable immersion heater is the perfect solution to keeping your coffee warm on road trips, commutes, and long mornings at the office. Just emerge your immersion heater in your coffee and give it a few moments—your coffee will be piping hot. Just be sure to keep your eye on your beverage, as liquid can boil in a matter of minutes with an immersion heater.

6) Keep It Wrapped Up in a Scarf 

The key to a hot cup of coffee is to keep it insulted. If you don’t feel like springing for an immersion heater or smart technology mug, you can keep your coffee warm by wrapping it in a scarf or other item of snuggly clothing. While this option won’t keep your coffee hot as long as an app-controlled mug, it will keep your beverage warm for about an hour as you get through your Monday morning inbox.

There are plenty of options when it comes to keeping your coffee warm through the cold winter mornings. Go for an ultra high-tech method or opt for something a little more simple like a cup cozy. What’s your go-to method of keeping your coffee hot? Leave a comment and let us know below.

Beat the Cold

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  • The coffee is not hot enough to begin with from a keurig…That is always something I wish they would change.

    Harriet Helfenbein

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