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Jerry Seinfeld Created a Successful Show about Comedians Drinking Coffee
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Jerry Seinfeld Created a Successful Show about Comedians Drinking Coffee

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jerry-seinfeld-larry-david Jerry Seinfeld may be a brilliant comedian, but he’s a little lazy when it comes to coming up with actual premises for shows. And it seems that now, he’s come up with a show about comedians going for coffee. As premises go, it’s a little stronger than a show about nothing. And guess what? It’s really funny. When you’re Jerry Seinfeld, you don’t need convoluted plotlines or crazy twists and turns.

The Cars

Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. ride in a Fiat Jolly It must be said that the cars featured in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee aren’t just any cars. They’re prized automotive relics. Jerry and Louis C.K. take a spin in a Fiat Jolly, a wicker-seated deathtrap that would look more at home on a beach than it does on the highway. Chris Rock is treated to a high-speed cruise in a vintage Lamborghini P400S Miura, complete with a police stop. Jay Leno, famously an automotive connoisseur himself, is duly impressed to be picked up in a 1949 Porsche 356/2, a hand-built early example of the famous automaker’s signature profile. So all in all, we’re talking about watching a show that features comedians drinking coffee, and little else!

Comedians Drinking Coffee

Jerry and friends don’t seem too picky about the coffee itself. Sometimes they hit the trendy local coffee shop, other days they opt for a full breakfast at a greasy spoon. Watching the show, though, you will find yourself craving a cup of Joe, as there are some great shots of both coffee and espresso prep – and you can almost smell it brewing.

The Comedians

The real stars of the show are the comedians drinking the coffee, of course. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee features some of comedy’s top established talents, as well as some of its brightest rising stars. Former guests on the show include Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, Daily Show star John Stewart, 30 Rock star and writer Tina Fey, stand-up sensation Sarah Silverman, and comedy legends Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks in one episode – all comedians drinking coffee during the show. The show is all improvisation, which leads to some really funny and unexpected moments. Fans of improv standup performances and impromptu shows such as The Trip and An Idiot Abroad will find plenty to laugh about here.

Where to Tune In to See Comedians Drinking Coffee

If Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee sounds like your cup of… coffee, you’ll be happy to know that you can tune in any time you at the show’s website. It’s also available to stream via Crackle, the Sony-backed online entertainment distributor.

Tune In, Top Off, and Enjoy

If you’re finding your regular carpool companions to be a bit of a bore, just grab your tablet, your favorite coffee mug, and your headphones, and it will almost be like you’re there with Seinfeld and his guests. You’ll likely be surprised just how entertaining it is to watch comedians drinking coffee together. Just make sure it’s not your turn to drive when you do! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld

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