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K-Cup Coffee Review: Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups

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K-Cup Coffee Review: Emeril's French Roast K-CupsToday, our K-Cup Coffee Review covers an intense coffee K-Cup that packs a bold dose of flavor in every single cup. Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups are a deep, dark French Roast coffee K-Cup that is ideal for fans of dark roast coffee.

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups combine chef Emeril Lagasse’s preference for big flavor with his passion for gourmet coffee. The resulting French Roast K-Cups are robust yet smooth with full, dark roast intensity.

If bold, intense French Roast coffee is your type of coffee, then I cannot possibly recommend Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups more. It really “kicks it up a notch” compared to many French Roasts.

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups Cup Experience

Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups brew with an aroma that is intensely fragrant and pleasing. It hints at roasty caramelized sugars, and this only foreshadows what lies ahead.

In the cup, Big Easy Bold is very dark. The deep French Roast is clearly visible in the dark color and light oil content floating upon the surface. It has a wonderful texture that is loose and pleasant, but the taste is supreme.

It’s bold and roasty yet smooth with almost no hint of bitterness. The dark French Roast truly caramelizes the innate sugars of the coffee beans within them. It has a balanced acidity that adds to its silky smoothness. The aftertaste is mildly astringent but not heavy or cloying as some coffees. Instead, the aftertaste is slightly earthy and robust.

If you need a dark roast K-Cup or if you already love French Roast coffee, then Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups capture an authentic French Roast coffee that is truly bold and delicious. It’s bold character contains enough “Bam!” to make creamer a pleasant addition, or its complex flavor is wonderful with just a bit of sweetening.

Dark roast coffee fans, this is the coffee for you. You’ll probably buy it Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups by the case after trying them.

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