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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend

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Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-CupsCoffee drinkers, pay attention. Today we’re taking a look at a truly delicious coffee, one that sets a high bar for drinkability and one that you can serve to friends, family, and coworkers expecting it to be universally appealing. Is it a light roast, a medium roast? No, it’s a blend, and my friends, it is an extraordinarily good coffee blend. Today, we review Green Mountain Coffee’s Breakfast Blend K-Cups.

Now, you may hear the word blend and have your purist sensibilities offended, but hear me out. Isn’t any work of art a blend, an oil painting just a blend of colors, a gourmet meal a blend of ingredients, a hit song just a blend of sounds? Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cups contain a work of art, a smooth and delicious blend of taste elements that enthusiastically please the senses.


Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cups Cup Experience

Readers of this blog likely know that I like my coffee as bold as the desert sun, but Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cups may have hooked me. It’s easy-drinking coffee that never disappoints. While it’ll be difficult to wrestle my espresso and French roasts from me, this one is definitely going to be seeing some play in my household.

Green Mountain Coffee Decaf Breakfast Blend K-CupsAs Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cups brew, the aroma is distinct but not overwhelming. There are hints of lighter roast coffees and perhaps a whiff of roasty darker roasts, but overall, it does not exactly inspire a party in one’s nose. Instead, it has an appeal that hearkens to coffee of yore, the sort of middling roasts enjoyed by one’s parents in childhood. This aroma, however, does not truly foreshadow what lies ahead.

In the cup, it appears similar to a medium roast, not too light or too dark. This blend contains elements of both, as we’ll see. Green Mountain Coffee has brought together multiple roasts in secretive proportions to create an excellent coffee. All at once, it has light, citric acid notes and deep, roasty caramelized notes as well. It is a sort of Yin-Yang of coffee taste, and when one has finished this cup, the aftertaste is clean and pleasant with reasonable acidity.

Overall, Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend K-Cups are so pleasant that I’d buy them for my family, share them with my friends, or stock my office break room with them. They seem palatable to just about anyone.

Green Mountain Coffee also offers their Breakfast Blend Coffee Decaffeinated and by the case.

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