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K-Cup Coffee Review: Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Coffee K-Cups

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Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored CoffeeGingerbread is a classic taste of winter holidays. Its ginger-spiced, molasses-sweetened taste is made into cookies, traditionally cut into the famous gingerbread man or made into eccentric gingerbread houses, that are enjoyed around the holidays. The taste is so popular that it can be enjoyed year-round in the form of ginger snaps-style cookies. Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee K-Cups from CoffeeForLess produce a coffee that captures this sweet and spicy flavor in a cup of flavored coffee. Imagine yourself dunking a gingerbread cookie into your coffee and then savoring the combination of flavors, and you are imagining the taste of this delicious gingerbread flavored coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored K-Cups Cup Experience

Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Flavored Coffee is a true treat. From the moment that you brew a cup of it, you are greeted with the sweet aroma of molasses cookies and the piquant spice of floral ginger. It is wonderful and can make your kitchen or break room smell as if someone’s baking cookies and brewing coffee at the same time. In appearance, the coffee brewed from these K-Cups has a light roast character. It is loose and light unless brewed intentionally strong, and it continues to be particularly aromatic in the cup. This modest appearance, however, does nothing to belie the taste contained in the cup. This gingerbread cookie flavored coffee tastes fantastic. The sweet yet complex molasses cookie flavor and the bright and exciting clove, sweet cinnamon,and ginger spice flavors are very foregrounded by the balanced acidity and mellow flavor of the light roast coffee. The combination seems to highlight subtle coffee flavors that make light roast brews so intriguing while at the same time presenting a delicious dessert cookie flavor to your palate. The aftertaste of the coffee is overwhelmed with echoes amongst the taste buds of gingerbread cookie taste, creating an excellent dessert taste with any additional sweetening to the coffee. If you like gingerbread cookies and flavored coffees, do yourself a favor and try Green Mountain Coffee Gingerbread Cookie Flavored Coffee K-Cups. As a fan of spiced cookies, I cannot recommend this one more.

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