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K-Cup Coffee Review: Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy Coffee K-Cups

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Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy Flavored K-CupsReaders of this blog know that Wolfgang Puck’s K-Cup coffee line is a perennial favorite thanks to its big flavor and exceptional character. Today’s K-Cup is no exception to this rule. Wolfgang Puck, a chef known for his bold flavors and exquisite taste, has hit it out of the park again with his Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups. Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups combine a variety of island flavors with tantalizing gourmet coffee, all in an easy to brew coffee K-Cup for your Keurig machine. The combination of convenience with excellence is just one reason why Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups are easy to recommend.

Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups Cup Experience

As soon as you brew Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups, you are met with the aroma of a fine medium roast coffee blend. It greets the nose like a friendly smile, enticing and inviting you toward an excellent coffee experience. There is the faintest hint of vanilla and rum to the nose, foreshadowing the elegant island flavor pairings to be enjoyed with this flavored K-Cup. In the mug, the coffee is light to medium roast in appearance with a smooth, not-too-oily appearance and cling to the mug. The aroma blooms in the mug, hinting at the caramel flavors ahead. Once it hits your lips, Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy coffee seems perfectly sane, composed by a genius of flavor pairing. The taste of gourmet medium roast blended coffee is paired with vanilla bean and caramelized sugar flavors with just a hint of island rum taste. The tastes come together to put visions of island vacations in your head, and with just a bit of sweetening, the flavors bound to the foreground. A splash of  cream accents the caramel over the rum, but no matter how you enjoy your coffee, this one is delicious. Wolfgang Puck has impressed the world with his culinary skills and his ability to pair flavors and tastes, so it should come as no surprise that Wolfgang Puck’s Jamaica Me Crazy K-Cups continue in his tradition of excellence.

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