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K-Cup Filter: The Magic in the K-Cup

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K-Cup Filter CoffeeK-Cup coffee or tea is a product of advances in both the K-Cup filter and our understanding of what it actually means to steep or brew hot beverages. As these two technologies have developed side by side, we have gained such products as K-Cups, Tassimo T-Discs, and even coffee pods of certain types.

The K-Cup filter that ensures a quality cup of coffee every time that you use your Keurig K-Cup brewer is not actually that different from a regular coffee filter. How it does differ is in scale. The K-Cup filter is a very small coffee filter that contains a very specific amount of coffee. These combined technologies combine with computer-age programming in the Keurig machine itself to make K-Cups possible.


K-Cup Filters and Advanced Brewing Knowledge

Our contemporary understanding of brewing and steeping in combination with the advances in plastics and manufacturing of advanced single cup coffee products work with advanced programming to ensure that K-Cups make excellent beverages. This is only possible because our concept of brewing and steeping is moving into the future.

Think of how quickly espresso is brewed from an espresso machine, how little water it takes to produce a thick, rich espresso with its heady crema. Much as espresso machines have Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cup Filtermastered brewing strong coffee by compacting the espresso grounds and using pressure forced water to extract the essence of the beans, Keurig K-Cup brewers take advantage of the pressure that can be created in a freshly punctured K-Cup.

The advanced K-Cup filter is capable of sustaining this pressure, and as the K-Cup is twice punctured, the pressurized hot water is forced through the coffee, tea, or hot cocoa in the K-Cup. The durability of the K-Cup filter under high pressure is essential, but the advancement that truly makes K-Cups exceptional is this programmed steeping and brewing. What once was the privilege of espresso aficionados served by professional baristas can now be enjoyed daily thanks to K-Cups.

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