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K-Cup Sampler: A Way to Add K-Cup Variety

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Green Mountain Coffee Flavored Coffee SamplerThe best thing about owning a Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is the limitless options that such single cup coffee makers have to offer you. To fully allow you to take advantage of these broad coffee vistas, many coffee roasters offer variety packs of K-Cup coffee, and at least one domestic tea company has started doing the same.

The vast majority of K-Cup samplers available are coffee K-Cup variety packs. These are either focused on one specific coffee roaster or are generally more focused on a specific style of coffee. These K-Cup variety packs are a great way to discover new brews, try different flavors, or sample the offerings of a specific brand. I’ve compiled all of the K-Cup samplers that CoffeeForLess offers below.

K-Cup Samplers: Coffee, Tea, or Both

Green Mountain Coffee offers a vast array of coffee K-Cup sampler packs. These variety packs are oriented toward coffee style, including Regular, Decaffeinated, Flavored, and Extra Bold styles. These Green Mountain Coffee variety packs are a great way to explore the many coffee varieties that they offer.

Timothy's Tea and Coffee Variety Pack SamplerIf flavored coffee is your passion, try the Gloria Jean’s Flavored Coffee K-Cups sampler. This one is excellent, featuring Butter Toffee, French Vanilla, Mudslide, and Swiss Almond flavored coffee K-Cups.

Celestial Seasonings offers a tea K-Cup variety pack that contains black, green, and herbal teas. These are perfectly calibrated tea K-Cups that offer you Celestial Seasonings quality tea with K-Cup convenience.

If you cannot decide between a coffee K-Cup sampler or a tea K-Cup variety pack, try Timothy’s Coffee and Tea K-Cup sampler. This offering from Timothy’s World Coffee has regular coffee, Kahlua flavored coffee, black tea, and green tea K-Cups, making it truly the most varied of the variety packs.

Take a journey through a land of taste sensations thanks to your Keurig brewer and these many options ahead of you. It’s a good ride.

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