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K-Cup Samplers A Great Way to Try New K-Cups

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Green Mountain Coffee Regular Coffee K-Cups SamplerIf you are like me, then you are always looking for new K-Cups to try when the opportunity presents itself. Generally, this means committing to a whole box of K-Cups that may not be entirely to your liking, you know, the ones that linger around in your K-Cup storage unit gathering dust as you go through newer boxes of K-Cups that you actually like.

CoffeeForLess and Green Mountain Coffee have come up with a great way to get around this problem, and the answer is K-Cup Sampler Packs. These mix packs by Green Mountain Coffee let you explore a few flavors without being stuck with a whole box of those flavors that are not exactly your favorite.


Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Sampler  Options

CoffeeForLess carries a few Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Samplers, and each one contains four different coffee K-Cups of a specific kind. This is excellent news to those of us who already know that Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups are excellent K-Cups.

The Green Mountain Coffee Regular K-Cups Sampler is a great option for most K-Cup coffee drinkers. This pack includes some of the most popular Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups. Enjoy the very popular Vermont Country Blend or Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend. These two are amongst the most popular K-Cups on the market. Also, check out Green Mountain’s French Roast and Dark Magic K-Cups; these two are of a darker variety certain to please fans of dark coffee.

Green Mountain Coffee Flavored Coffee K-Cups SamplerThe Green Mountain Coffee Flavored K-Cups Sampler contains excellent flavored coffee K-Cups. This package includes the most popular flavored coffee flavors: French Vanilla and Hazelnut, but it also contains a few Green Mountain Coffee Flavored Coffee K-Cups that you may not have tried before. Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Flavored K-Cups are delicious, and the Wild Mountain Blueberry K-Cups are a rather original flavored coffee K-Cup that will surprise you with its delicious berry sweetness.

The Green Mountain Coffee Decaf K-Cups Sampler is perfect for those who prefer decaffeinated coffee K-Cups.  It contains decaffeinated version of Green Mountain’s most popular K-Cups, their Breakfast Blend and Vermont Country Blend, and it also contains a decaffeinated version of their Dark Magic K-Cups. A nice change from the Regular K-Cups Sampler is that the decaffeinated K-Cups sampler includes Newman’s Special Decaf K-Cups, a coffee that is excellent and smooth.

Whichever K-Cup sampler that you decide to explore, you are certain to enjoy quality coffee K-Cups thanks to Green Mountain Coffee’s quality roasting practices. Enjoy and let us know which coffee K-Cup is your favorite.

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