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Keurig K-Cup Coffee: Over 200 Varieties of Single Cup Coffee

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Coffee People Black Tiger Keurig K-Cup CoffeeKeurig K-Cup coffee has me a bit overwhelmed these days. These K-Cups offer so much variety that I do not know where to start or finish with the joy of single cup coffee. I started with a goal of trying a new Keurig K-Cup coffee every time I ordered more K-Cups for my Keurig brewer. Since then, I’ve learned that the variety offered in terms of coffee in K-Cup form is amazing! There are so many varieties!

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite Keurig K-Cup coffee roasters. Continue reading this post for some of the best Keurig K-Cup coffee roasters available today.


Delicious Keurig K-Cup Coffee Roasters

Without a doubt, one of my favorite Keurig K-Cup coffee roasters is Coffee People Coffee. Fans of strong, bold, dark coffees will agree with me. Coffee People K-Cups have some of the darkest, strongest coffees available in Keurig K-Cups. Try their extra bold or extra caffeine coffees in convenient K-Cup form. Every one of them seems to be particularly well formulated for K-Cup brewing.

Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee Flavored Coffee Keurig K-Cups CoffeeTimothy’s coffee offers a variety of K-Cup coffees that are great. Their Donut Shop line of classic coffees is great for those with more traditional tastes in coffee. They offer this traditional American blended roast coffee as well as a variety of darker roasts and more exotic regional varietals.

Gloria Jean’s Coffee offers some of my favorite flavored coffee K-Cups. If you are into flavored coffee, I recommend trying their Butter Toffee flavored coffee K-Cups. These are smooth and delicious. With mild sweetening and a little creamer, it tastes like dessert.

Of course, everyone has different preferences in coffee, but these coffee roasters are some of the best I’ve had in my K-Cup coffee journey. Let us know your favorites.

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