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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Coffee of the Month Gifts

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Last Minute Coffee Gift IdeasAre you rushing around looking for last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Do you find yourself counting the number of shipping days out on your calendar? This time of year, while joyous, can be a bit stressful and last minute gift ideas often seem just out of reach. Well, have we got a suggestion for you.

Forget about shipping times and whether your package will arrive in time or at all and simply write your associate or loved one a note after subscribing them to one of the many coffee of the month or K-Cup coffee of the month options offered by CoffeeForLess.

Once you sign them up and purchase their six month coffee adventure, their subscription begins and quality coffee or coffee K-Cups are on their way.


Coffee of the Month and K-Cup Coffee of the Month Options

Subscribing someone you know to CoffeeForLess’s Coffee of the Month or K-Cup Coffee of the Month guarantees that person two varieties of coffee or coffee K-Cups every month for six months.

The CoffeeForLess Coffee of the Month Gift amounts to twelve pounds of various coffees that allow you to sample some of the world’s finest coffee growing regions and roasts. Alternatively, we offer a Flavored Coffee of the Month Gift that samples various flavored coffees popular throughout the world.

K-Cup coffee enthusiasts looking for last minute gifts will be thrilled with our K-Cup of the Month Gift offerings. These coffee gifts are also available in Decaf K-Cup of the Month and Flavored K-Cup of the Month options, making it possible for anyone to enjoy twelve different K-Cup varieties!

While it may not be a great big box of goodies to be opened with glee, a Coffee of the Month gift is a present that is to be enjoyed for half of the year to come when you give the gift of coffee this year.

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