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Descaling Your Coffee Machine
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Descaling Your Coffee Machine

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In an age where people are always on the go, kitchen appliances that prioritize modern convenience have become staples in households across America. And this sentiment couldn’t be truer for a morning necessity: coffee. Keurig machines have revolutionized morning routines for hundreds of thousands of Americans by making their coffee in- house, economical, and convenient.

Keurig machines are what many of us have come to rely on for a cup of Joe to jolt their days into action; as such, it’s important to keep your Keurig operating smoothly. To make sure your machine functions reliably, you need to descale your Keurig. While that may sound technical, descaling your Keurig is simple. Read on to learn what you need to know in order to keep your morning cup brewing with ease.

How Often Should I Be Descaling My Keurig?

We recommend roughly every three to six months. Of course, frequency of use should factor into your decision about how often you descale the machine. If multiple people are brewing coffee with your Keurig machine daily, you will need to descale your Keurig more often to ensure smooth operational flow.

What Materials Will I Need to Descale My Keurig?

Don’t be alarmed by the (potentially) unfamiliar term of “descaling.” In reality, you only need a few materials to descale your Keurig. Before you begin the process, search your home for a few conventional household items: a vinegar mix (equal parts white vinegar and water), a sink with warm running water, a paper clip, and a microfiber cloth. Once you have these necessary items, you’ll be ready to descale your Keurig.

How Involved Is the Descaling Process?

Getting rid of grime and build up in your machine is simple; just follow these easy steps to descale your Keurig.

  • Begin by dumping any residual water in the reservoir and removing any pods that may be in your Keurig.
  • Use your microfiber cloth to wipe away any loose grounds of muck that you find on the exterior surface and the pod area.
  • Put that paper clip to good use and insert a prong of the paperclip into the needle holes that pierce the pods.
  • Then use your vinegar and water mixture. Descale your Keurig by pouring the mixture into the water reservoir until it hits the fill line.
  • Without putting a pod in, complete a brewing cycle (be sure to put a cup below!) by selecting the largest brew option.

Once complete, repeat the last step with plain water to remove the vinegar taste. When the mug is full, dump the mixture down the sink and repeat until there is no more solution left in the reservoir.

And there you have it! If you can’t remember the last time you descaled your Keurig, clean your machine out today to keep your coffee brewing, and your mornings running smoothly.

Descaling Made Easy

Keurig Brewer Descaling SolutionLooking for a quick solution for descaling your Keurig brewer? This solution removes calcium deposits that can build up inside your brewer. Descaling is recommended every 3 to 6 months. Shop for Keurig descaling solution.

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  • How do I descale a Bosch coffee machine? Do I need the special Tdisc to operate the Bosch in order to descale? Thanks.

    Karen Shaw

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