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Lipton Black Tea Has Traditional Iced Tea Taste

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Lipton Iced Tea from Lipton Tea BagsA recent Spring heat wave has the nation sweating, making it the perfect time for a pitcher of iced tea or sweet tea if you prefer. This traditional beverage accounts for nearly 85% of tea consumption in the United States, and when the weather turns warm, that ice-cold pitcher sweating condensation is just the solution that most of us turn to in combatting the heat.

Lipton Black Tea is a great tea to use for traditional iced tea flavor. Lipton Tea has a natural lemon flavor and authentic black tea of just the sort used to make iced tea. While it is great hot, this traditional tea is often just the taste most people think of when they think of iced tea.


Lipton Tea Bags and the Perfect Pitcher of Iced Tea

Lipton Iced Tea is a familiar bottled beverage, and many households keep Lipton’s Instant Iced Tea powder on hand to satisfy their iced tea cravings. Iced tea made with real Lipton Tea Bags is almost as easy, far cheaper, and has the added bonus of being less processed than many other types of iced tea. Saving money and enjoying fresher iced tea is as simple as boiling water.

For a quality iced tea that meets your taste expectations, try boiling six cups of water. When the water reaches boiling, reduce the heat and add five Lipton’s Tea Bags to it, steeping them for five full minutes with occasional dunking. Remove the tea bags and serve over ice for iced tea. For sweetened tea, add a cup of sugar or equivalent amount of alternative sweetener to the tea after removing the tea bags but before pouring over ice. Ensure the sweetener dissolves before pouring over ice.

As simple as that, you have an excellent iced tea or sweet tea from Lipton Tea Bags, and you’ll be enjoying a icy cold beverage that tastes like instant or store bought for pennies on the dollar this summer.

Decaffeinated Lipton Tea Bags are also available if you would like to make Decaf Iced Tea.

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