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Loose Leaf Tea With Keurig Coffee Makers
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Loose Leaf Tea With Keurig Coffee Makers

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Loose Leaf Tea in Keurig MachinesIs your countertop crowded with a coffee maker and a kettle alongside the many other appliances of daily life? Perhaps you are holding onto your kettle because you prefer loose leaf tea and simply cannot imagine giving up the speed with which a kettle can heat water for steeping tea. Your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker is capable of replacing that old kettle, though, even if you did not think so before. Keurig machines heat water very quickly, often making them as fast or faster than the average kettle. You may know this from using tea K-Cups, but did you know that you can brew loose leaf tea with your Keurig coffee maker? It is true, but you will find that the addition of one small accessory will make it far easier to brew loose leaf tea with a Keurig K-Cup coffee maker.

My K-Cup, My Loose Leaf Tea

Keurig K-Cup tea is quite good, but if you are serious about tea, you probably have a collection of loose leaf tea that you prefer to steep with a variety of filters, screens, tea balls, or homemade tea bags. One can find oneself quite overburdened with fetishistic equipment when one loves tea, but just the addition of a single My K-Cup reusable filter is enough to turn your Keurig brewer into an excellent single serving tea maker. The My K-Cup is a reusable filter specifically designed for use in K-Cup coffee makers. It makes it possible to brew any ground coffee with your Keurig, and it also works excellently with loose leaf tea. It adds a functionality to K-Cup coffee makers that many desire and broadens the range of options available to you. It is machine washable and easy to use with the added benefit of improving the environmental-friendliness of your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker. By combining the My K-Cup with your Keurig K-Cup coffee maker, you can steep any loose leaf tea just as easily as you can brew any regular tea K-Cup. It may take some practice with various cup volumes to get a specific tea that you prefer just right, but once you do, enjoying loose leaf tea in a Keurig coffee maker is a wonderful and easy experience.


  • Tea is not ideal for Keurig. Here’s why: each tea type requires it’s own steeping temperature. Tea flavor is ruined when not steeped at it’s designated temperature and time. No one ever steeps Gyokuro at 195 degrees for 3 minutes, rather Gyokuro requires 175 degrees for 1 minute.

  • Of course Keurig is going to tell you it’s not good to put loose leaf tea in your my Keurig non-disposable filter. They don’t like those filters because they’re in the business of selling those little K-Cups whether they have coffee or tea inside them. The bottom line is their bottom line profit! All big corporations are greedy the sooner you learn this the less likely you are to ask a big Corporation a question like that. Have a nice day

    Daniel Hart
  • According to Keurig customer service, the keurig my k-cup is NOT recommended for loose tea. I called them and thats what they told me on the phone.

    todd m
  • I have a 3rd party reusable k-cup. I fill it with tea and after brewing just pull it and put in cup like a tea bag for a few minutes to steep, work great so far

    John Parris
  • I cut a tea bag and poured the loose tea into my reusable k-cup and made tea that way. It works great!

    Lisa Scherer

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