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Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Coffee Lovers
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Must Follow Instagram Accounts for Coffee Lovers

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With more than 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram everyday, it’s easy to get lost in all the noise. Fear not: we’ve compiled a list of the 11 most innovative, engaging, and interesting Instagram accounts that every coffee lover should start following right away.

1. @Coffeeandseasons

Get your daily dose of “pretty” with this aesthetically pleasing feed. Attractive, elegant, and very well curated, following this Instagram account will send you on a journey through time with your favorite morning beverage.


2. @Baristart

Barista Art on InstagramRosettas are pretty, but this account really takes latte art to the next level. From iconic album covers to classic horror movie scenes, these cups of coffee will seriously impress you: it’s literal art in a cup. Those who follow the account will look forward to seeing what coffee artist Michael Breach will create next.









3. @Coffeecakescafe

Coffee cakes cafe instagramPerfect for the coffee lover who enjoys sipping coffee and doodling, followers will discover fresh coffee-inspired artwork, sometimes with coffee beans, sometimes with typography, but always cute.

4. @Driftmag

Drift mag on instagramAustralian-based print magazine that covers “coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit.” Each issue features a different city and the coffee culture within it. Followers of this Instagram account will discover beautifully composed and styled images of exceptional coffee and the people who create it.

5. @Mugs_of_disney

Mugs of Disney InstagramCoffee and Disney lovers rejoice! This is the account you have been waiting for. Keep your eyes on this feed, your number one source for all things coffee and Disney.


6. @Coffeecupsoftheworld

Coffee cups of the World InstagramStunningly beautiful, funny, and cute, these cups are from coffee shops all over the world. Followers of this account will be delighted to discover new designs, logos, and stamps on coffee cups that they may have never known existed otherwise.

7. @Coffeenclothes

Coffee n clothes InstagramFor the stylishly caffeinated. This expertly curated Instagram feed merges the two worlds of designer clothing and craft coffee.

8. @Coffeeshopcorners

Coffee shop corners InstagramThere’s something calming about admiring attractive cafe spots from around the world, and this feed has them in spades. Followers discover striking interiors and exteriors that all house the same thing: great coffee.

9. @Dududoodle

Dudu De Doodle InstagramDudu is an artist in Malaysia that uploads pictures of his art and coffee (or coffee used in his art) for all to enjoy. Follow this feed, and you might work up the courage to try a little coffee painting of your own!

10. @Coffeesesh

Coffee sesh Instagram

This feed offers a little bit of everything, and does it all with a warm, pleasant aesthetic. All coffee lovers will enjoy the nicely curated selection of coffee, art, and stunning photography.


11. @Baristadaily

Barista DailyFor the aspiring coffee professional, this is the account to follow! You’ll discover innovative brewing methods, accessories, equipment, techniques, and more.

Keeping Up With Coffee on Social Media

Whether you’re looking for new images to peruse as you sip your morning cup, or hunting down some inspiration for a coffee-related feed of your own, we hope that this guide has pointed you in the right direction. Just as there can never be too much coffee in the world, coffee lovers can never follow too many Instagram accounts with beautiful photos of their favorite morning beverage.

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