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My Top 10 Flavored Coffee K-Cups

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Top 10 Flavored Coffee K-CupsI was not much of a fan of flavored coffee before Keurig came along. I was leery of buying a pound of coffee that I may not like, and generally, if I wanted to flavor my coffee, I turned to a flavored creamer or a flavored syrup, feeling that either one was less of a commitment.

Thanks to Keurig though, I’ve embraced flavored coffee K-Cups. Really, flavored coffee is not all that different from adding flavor after the fact. The flavors that one enjoys in creamer or syrups are simply applied to the beans after roasting so that the flavors are added to your brewed coffee upon brewing.

With this in mind and freedom from committing to a mass amount of flavored coffee, I’ve found that flavored coffee K-Cups provide a great taste experience and an opportunity for variety. I’ve listed my favorite flavored coffee K-Cups below.

The Top 10 Flavored K-Cup Coffees

10. Donut House Collection Cinnamon Roll Flavored Coffee K-Cups

These delicious flavored coffee K-Cups combine cinnamon and brown sugar flavors with coffee to emulate the classic cinnamon bun and coffee combination.

9. Wolfgang Puck Jamaica Me Crazy Flavored Coffee K-Cups

The tastes of the islands: caramelized sugar, coconut, and rum flavor combine to make this one great.

8. Green Mountain Coffee Wild Mountain Blueberry Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Summertime blueberry sweetness and quality Green Mountain Coffee come together to create a surprisingly delicious flavored coffee that reminds me of blueberry cobbler.

7. Green Mountain Coffee Southern Pecan Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Southern pecan pie and a good cup of coffee come to mind when I brew this one, and I can’t think of a better combination.

6. Green Mountain Coffee Caramel Vanilla Cream Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Caramel and vanilla are two of the most popular flavors to add to coffee, and once you try these K-Cups, you’ll know why.

5. Donut House Collection Chocolate Glazed Donut Flavored Coffee K-Cups

This isn’t a classic mocha coffee; instead it’s a flavor throwback to the days of glazed chocolate cake donuts and countertop coffee, a natural pairing as delicious today as its always been.

4. Green Mountain Coffee Mocha Nut Fudge Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Do you like chocolate covered almonds? I do, and this flavored coffee K-Cup reminds me of that delicious candy plus a cup of coffee: perfection.

3. Timothy’s World Coffee Kahlua Coffee Flavored K-Cups

Kahlua and coffee is a natural combination, the foundation of a few cocktails, and this K-Cup captures the taste of the two very well. If you like Black Russian cocktails or just like the taste of Kahlua and coffee, this K-Cup is great.

2. Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and pumpkin are the primary tastes of one of America’s favorite seasonal desserts, and this K-Cup combines those tastes with coffee! What’s not to love?

1. Gloria Jean’s Coffees Mudslide Flavored Coffee K-Cups

Smooth and delicious Irish cream and seductive coffee liqueur flavors come together with roasty coffee taste to compose one of the best flavored coffee K-Cups that I ever brew. It’s smooth and delicious, lovely first thing in the morning or after a sumptuous meal, particularly with a splash of plain creamer.

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