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New Maxwell House Commercial Insults French Press Coffee

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Maxwell House Coffee has been a staple coffee for many American coffee drinkers, but the advertising agency behind the new Maxwell House Coffee ad campaign may have underestimated the passion many coffee drinkers hold for their preferred coffee brewing methods. The new commercial features a couple ordering their coffee brewed fresh at their table in a French press before being interrupted by a burly fellow who implies that the French press is a silly way to brew coffee. Maxwell House even went so far as to describe the French press as “ridiculousness” on the YouTube page for the commercial.

While I generally embrace technology and enjoy brewing my coffee in novel ways, even cold brewing often, the implication that the French press is a poor brewing choice seems to be the actual "ridiculousness."  The controversial ad campaign has raised the hackles of many a coffee drinker online, eliciting surprising criticism from the very demographic of consumers purported to be the commercial's target audience: coffee drinkers.

Watch the commercial and let us know what you think.


French Press Coffee Brewers Enjoy Fresh Coffee

Many of the comments that you can read on the YouTube page for this Maxwell House Coffee commercial are not for the squeamish and are often of a vigorous and explosive variety that we wouldn’t want to reprint here at the CoffeeForLess blog. The reason for this, though, should not be surprising to Maxwell House. Coffee drinkers are often as passionate about their coffee as fine wine aficionados or purveyors of select scotches.

At CoffeeForLess, we recognize the distinctive tastes and discerning passion for quality coffee that is abundant in our coffee-drinking community. We carry and deliver quality Coffee Beans and consciously packaged Ground Coffee that preserves the integrity of our gourmet coffee, ensuring that our customers can savor that perfect cup of coffee, no matter how they prefer to brew it.

No matter how you prefer your coffee, we have you covered at CoffeeForLess, and we promise not to make fun of your preferred brewing method.

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