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Not All Prepackaged Coffees Are The Same

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The marketplace for prepackaged coffee has been flooded in recent years with scores of products and proprietary brewers. This leaves the average coffee drinker wondering if they will ever have a regular cup of coffee ever again, but we should embrace this change. Convenience is the future of coffee, letting every single cup of coffee a coffee machine brews be personalized to the coffee drinker. K-Cup and T-Disc coffees offer the coffee drinker single cup coffee brewing, but for those who think on single pot scales, the solution is coffee pods.

Coffee pods are a nice compromise for those who are looking for coffee with virtually no mess or cleanup but still want to brew a whole pot of coffee at a time. Coffee pods are essentially a closed filter around a premeasured serving of coffee or tea that is perfectly calibrated for a single pot. Because of this design and the orientation toward whole pot brewing, coffee pods offer a great variety of options, including coffees and teas.

Much of the diversity available in coffee pods is a direct result of coffee pods being an open format for coffee companies. Whereas K-Cups and T-Discs are proprietary to certain companies that license the technology only to certain coffee brewers, coffee pods are an open format in which coffee brewers are free to package their coffee. This ensures that we coffee drinkers are free to enjoy the variety that allows.

Coffee Pods from CoffeeForLess

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Coffee pods from Coffee For Less include tea pods from TeaOne; these TeaOne Tropical Citrus Green Tea pods steep a fantastic pot of bright, citric green tea. You can also enjoysuch classic blended roast coffee as Folgers Classic Roast thanks to Folgers Home Café coffee pods. Gourmet coffee is just as readily available in coffee pod form. Aloha Island Coffee Company makes a series of Kona coffee pods that make mellow and delicious coffee every time.  If you are looking for big flavor and delicious coffee, Wolfgang Puck Coffee Pods are the way to go. These gourmet coffee pods give you real coffee house taste without any mess or cleanup of grounds or soggy filters.

Coffee Pods are typically individually packaged, guaranteeing they stay fresh. If you want fresh, whole pots of coffee without all of the mess of ground coffee and disposable filters, then coffee pods are the right choice. They add ease of brewing and quick clean up to the brewing process.

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