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Our Top 8 Coffee Flavors for the Fall Season
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Our Top 8 Coffee Flavors for the Fall Season

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There’s a million reasons to fall in love with fall—it’s sweater season, the air is crisp, the leaves are gorgeous shades of red and orange, and we have the perfect excuse to spend all day on Sunday in front of the TV.

But most importantly, the best fall coffee flavors fill the menus of our go-to coffee shops. Put away the cold brew that you’ve been sipping on all summer long – it’s time to get cozy with these delicious fall coffee flavors, available for all Keurig K-Cup Pod users.

1) Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice

Let’s be honest: something would be awry if pumpkin spice wasn’t at the top of the list for delicious Keurig Coffee Pod flavors during the autumn months. Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice is aromatic, pleasantly spiced, and slightly creamy. This K-Cup Pod is a limited edition and only available during the fall. With hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, there’s truly nothing that says fall more than a delicious pumpkin spice K-Cup Coffee.

Shop Pumpkin Spice K-Cup Coffee


2) Café Escapes Chai Latte Tea K-Cup Pods

Cafe Escapes Chai LatteFor folks who may be looking to get caffeinated without drinking an actual cup of coffee, Café Escapes Chai Latte Tea is the perfect fall beverage solution. Its sweet, cinnamon spice flavor will fill your heart and soul with warmth and coziness as you take on the crisp fall weather. If you want the flavors of chai but also think you need the caffeine associated with coffee, try making your own dirty chai latte by combining one brewed cup of the Green Mountain Autumn Harvest Blend with one brewed cup of the Café Escapes Chai Latte.



3) Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea Caffeine Free

Cinnamon Apple Spice TeaOk, it's not coffee, but for a perfect afternoon warm-up without the caffeine of coffee, try Celestial Seasonings’ Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea. This herbal tea beverage has no added sugar, so with every sip, you’ll get the pure flavors of cinnamon with a hint of apple. This understated tea is nuanced and subtle, making it the


4) Wolfgang Puck Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee Pods

Wolfgang Puck PodsSweet, decadent flavors meet a cozy fall bouquet with the Wolfgang Puck Salted Caramel Mocha Coffee Pod. This lovely fall beverage is full bodied and complex while also being sweet, frothy, and extravagant. It’s the perfect dessert coffee that you can enjoy all season long. Pair it with a yummy buttered croissant for a delightfully sinful breakfast, or enjoy it at your desk for that sweet afternoon pick-me-up. (Note: May be used in all paper pod brewers except Senseo. Not for use in Keurig brewers.)


5) Café Escapes Café Caramel K-Cup Pods

CAFÉ ESCAPES CAFÉ CARAMEL K-CUP COFFEE 24CTCreamy, buttery, caramel flavor is the star of this decadent caramel coffee drink from Café Escapes. Go all out and add whipped cream and caramel sauce after brewing this caramel coffee beverage. While this beverage is sweet and creamy, the coffee itself is light enough to enjoy without having to add milk or extra creamer.


6) Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee K-Cup Pods

GLORIA JEAN'S BUTTER TOFFEE K-CUP COFFEE 24CT FLAVOREDYou can argue Gloria Jeans Butter Toffee hits the spot no matter what the season with its smooth, creamy taste, and a touch of caramel toffee. Gloria Jean's Butter Toffee Flavored K-Cup Coffee is a rich flavored coffee that you can brew in your Keurig machine.


7) Green Mountain French Vanilla K-Cup Pods

With a light roast profile, Green Mountain French Vanilla is has an unmistakable vanilla essence with naturally occurring caramel notes and brown sugar sweetness. The pleasant aftertaste stays with you. We think this one is so good, you'll crave some throughout the year.

French Vanilla K-Cups


8) Diedrich Coffee Hazelnut K-Cup Pods

DIEDRICH COFFEE HAZELNUT K-CUP PODS 24CTHazel-what? Hazel-nut. This captivating coffee features a light body and a dash of decadence. If you're not hooked already, the flavorful sweetness of soft, buttery caramel will get you. Get your fix of Diedrich Coffee Hazelnut K-Cup Pods for satisfying flavorful cup of coffee.


Have a favorite? Comment below and let us know!



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